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Microwave (900 W, 30 L, Black) MG30T5018CK/ST

Microwave (900 W, 30 L, Black) MG30T5018CK/ST

Product specification
  • Volume (liters): 30
  • Power (Watts): 900
  • Functionality: GRILL / HEATING & GRILL
  • Automatic defrosting program: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Weight (kg): 15.9
  • 29.70 x 51.70 x 42.50
  • Warranty (Year): 1
  • Other: Ceramic Enamel coated surface
  • LED touch screen control system
  • With child lock



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About the Product

Product Details

Microwave oven model MG30T5018CK / ST Top microwave brands from Samsung

Get the crispy food that you like
Grill Fry (Crusty Plate)
Enjoy crispy food as if coming out of a baking oven. The Grill Fry (Crusty Plate) function can both bake, grill and cook food. You can then taste the great tastes and texture of frozen and ready-to-cook frozen fish, fresh chicken, and healthy chicken, as this function does not require a drop of oil.

Banana dessert menu
Home Dessert
Delicious, delicious homemade desserts, without wasting time or warming the oven anymore Just choose the dessert that you want. Mix different ingredients and choose the option Home Dessert with one touch. You will be able to make a lot of desserts. Which includes walnut pound cakes, banana cakes, egg pudding and brownies

Fits perfectly into the kitchen
New design and color
Choose a microwave oven that fits your personal taste perfectly with your kitchens design style. Including a variety of colors to choose from to match your countertops in your kitchen such as clean charcoal, clean gray, clean white, clean mint, clean lean Tank, Pure Black, Pure White

Defrosting a lot faster than before
Power defrost
Save time on defrosting frozen foods with Power Defrost that you can choose from for 4 popular foods: meat, poultry, fish, and bread / cakes. Just enter the type and weight of the food. Then the furnace will calculate the time and power that is appropriate for defrosting yourself So you can prepare various ingredients that are rich in nutrients quickly.

Thaw frozen bread quickly
Bread Defrost
Defrost frozen bread quickly and easily, giving you the texture and taste like new. With the touch of a button, the Bread Defrost function calculates the optimal time and temperature for thawing bread, pastries and frozen rolls. Then, this function uses Sheath Heater and Crusty Plate to ensure that your sweets are colored. Beautiful sugar, like new baking from the oven

A more stylish touch
Glass Touch with simple UX
Enjoy simple and stylish cooking methods. The Glass Touch control panel has just 6 key buttons. You can choose to do things at the touch of a finger. The all-glass panel looks good on the front lid. Give you a microwave oven that has a minimal but stylish look

Interior pockets that are easy to clean
The durable and smooth ceramic coating is easy to clean without scrubbing and the color will not fade over time. More than that The surface is also resistant to rust and high abrasion. Resulting in longer service life

Can cook food better than before
Triple Distribution System
Be confident that your food will look good and delicious. Our unique Triple Distribution System will distribute microwaves in 3 directions, so they will reach every corner and penetrate into the food from Many directions Causing the food to be cooked more thoroughly

Precise cooking
Auto cook
Cook delicious dishes without having to look for recipes or guess each other. Waste of time. Auto Cook has a variety of options for frequently-made menus such as meat, poultry and pasta. Each option will be pre-set with the appropriate cooking mode, time and temperature. All you have to do is choose the type and weight of the food. And then wait for your favorite dish

Samsung Microwave (900 W, 30 L, Black) MG30T5018CK/ST

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