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A microwave is an electrical appliance that exists in most households. It is easy to use and suitable for a fast-paced lifestyle. Many people use microwave incorrectly and do not maintain the appliance, resulting in negative effects. Therefore, we should first get to know the basics of this electrical appliance.

How does microwave work?

A microwave is a type of radio frequency energy. It runs through food and causes water molecules to vibrate. The friction between molecules causes the food temperature to rise rapidly.

Does Microwave have negative effects on health?

Although the microwave oven emits some microwave during the use. The emitted microwave does not cause any adverse effects on health if the microwave oven is properly maintained.

Microwave oven and nutrients

Cooking, whether using a conventional oven, grill pan or microwave oven, affects nutrients. The most destructive factor is actually spending too much time cooking. Cooking with a microwave oven is, instead, the method of cooking that has the least effect on nutrients as it is the least time-consuming method. The wave does not change the form of chemical compounds in the food, meaning toxins or substances that cause cancer are almost impossible to occur during cooking as well.

Reducing the risk of using a microwave oven

You can keep the nutrients and prevent illness from food when using the microwave through the following methods before using a microwave oven: cut the bones out of the large pieces of meat, cut the food into small pieces, arrange food well in a tray, reduce the heat to half and extend the cooking time when warming large pieces of food, add liquids such as water, soup or gravy to help dissipate heat If when warming dry food, flip the food or its package after heating for half of the time, cover food with a cover or a microwavable plastic sheet to store steam, and leave the food still after heating with microwave according to the instructions to ensure that the food is thoroughly heated. It is recommended to use a food thermometer to determine whether the food is heated at the appropriate level according to safety standards. The temperature should be checked from many points, especially in thick pieces. Avoid checking temperature near bones or fat. Stuffed food, such as stuffed baked chicken should not be warmed without slicing into small pieces. Frozen food that has been defrosted with a microwave oven should be cooked immediately.

Preventing food burns

As a microwave oven does no heat by itself, it is sometimes not easy to estimate how long the food should be heated and how hot it should be before removing it from the oven. You need to be aware of the following: superheated liquids, some liquids do not show any sign or alarms when in boiling temperature or above boiling point, such as boiling sponge where liquids are immediately boiled and dissolved but still can scald skin severely; heat transfer from food to packaging, there is a difference between the temperature of the packaging and the food, such as baby bottles where the packaging is cool but the milk temperature can be very hot. Therefore, always check the temperature of the food before consuming.