Reasons why Power Buy is the BEST CHOICE for getting new Air Conditioner
We all know how hot Thailand summer are! Anyone who is thinking of buying an air conditioner during the summer is most likely wondering where the best deals are, and we can tell you that the best deals can only be found at Power Buy. Besides having the widest selection of brands and models for you to browse and compare, Power Buy also brings you the best prices without having to waste time and energy trawling for bargains elsewhere. More than that, getting your air conditioner from Power Buy this summer comes with these benefits that you won’t find anywhere else:
Free delivery and installation Save your money for your air conditioner with our free delivery and installation service! Rest assured that there will be no nasty surprises or any extra costs to budget for when it comes to getting your air conditioner up and running in your home by the very next day after purchasing it from a Power Buy in Bangkok and the surrounding provinces. This service is also available within 50km radius of all Power Buy branches in other provinces nationwide. Come straight to your nearest Power Buy for punctual and efficient installation of your air conditioner this summer.
Same day installation If you have urgently need your air conditioner and you can’t wait until the next day for delivery, Power Buy is here to help! We have a special service precisely for these air conditioning emergencies where you absolutely must have your air conditioner working in your home on the very same day that you bought it in Power Buy. Ask about our same day installation service at your nearest Power Buy, because we aim to provide you with value upon value.

We provide our own warranty of up to 180 days from the day of installation. That is is something that won’t find just around the corner, unless you’re just around the corner from Power Buy! Enjoy the peace of mind from knowing that our team of technicians are standing by to provide advice and assistance the moment that you contact you contact our call center at 1324.
Free air conditioner cleaning service for up to 2 years Good after-sales service is a must for any air conditioner purchase, and Power Buy aims to give you the best value with an unmatched free air conditioner cleaning service that will help to extend the life of your air conditioner while keeping your electricity bills low. Our professionals will see to it that your air conditioner’s parts such as the air filter, cooling coils, and drainage pipes are clean whilst also making sure that coolant levels remain topped up. This the full service that you can expect when you buy your air conditioner from Power Buy.

Now that you know what Power Buy has to offer you can be sure that you will be getting the very best deal available without having to experience the headache of comparisons with other vendors. Apart from receiving full complimentary service, you will also get the very best price on the market. If that isn’t cool enough for you then we have promotions to help you feel even more comfortable; 22% discount with credit card purchase + installment plan, 0% interest for up to 24 months, free 4 meters of ducting, and free 2 years cleaning for your air conditioner. You will only find such awesome deals at Power Buy.