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E10 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (35W,White) BHR6783EU

E10 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (35W,White) BHR6783EU

Product specification
  • Suction system: dry/water
  • Power (Volt): 35
  • Suction power (watts): 4000Pa
  • Dust capacity (liters): 0.4
  • Control via Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app
  • Voice notification, follow news in real time.

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About the Product

Product Details


  • Powerful suction impeller 4,000 Pa
  • intelligent route planning
  • Control via Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app
  • Multiple Sensor Combinations
  • smart water tank
  • 110 minutes of battery life in standard mode


  • Should preserve the battery Should not be used continuously for a long time and should not be charged for too long
  • Do not expose the device to extreme heat or high temperatures.
  • Be careful when moving to prevent possible damage.

Whats in the box

  • 1 x Main unit
  • 1 x Main brush (Pre-installed on main unit)
  • 2-in-1 water tank and dust container (Can be used in either vacuum or mop mode)
  • 1 x Side brush
  • 1 x Brush cover (Pre-installed on main unit)
  • 1 x Pad (Pre-installed on the mop frame)
  • 1 x Mop frame
  • 1 x Power adapter
  • 1 x Charging dock
  • 1 x Cleaning brush (On the 2-in-1 water tank and dust container)
  • 1 x User manual

Cleverly lay out a house plan for you to easily clean your home with a robotic vacuum cleaner. Xiaomi E10

Smart cleaning performance and convenience for every modern family. Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10, a smart vacuum robot that is ready to clean all the dirt in your home in a blink of an eye. Work smart with zig-zag cleaning path technology. for maximum cleaning efficiency Built-in sensors can handle complex home environments. Quickly switch between vacuuming and mopping. With a smart water tank with 3 levels of water, a powerful suction propeller of 4,000 Pa, the battery can be used for 110 minutes under standard mode. (Vacuum and mop)

Effective cleaning in one pass
4 adjustable suction levels for easy cleaning of dust and debris and removal of minute dust particles.110-min of battery life under standard mode(vacuum & mop)with a 2600mAh capacity.

Multi-directional assisted cleaning
Equipped with high-quality parts, including side brush, main brush and dust box filter, with multi-directional coordination for a complete and efficient cleaning experience.                                                

Smart water tank
Water tank with 3 levels of water, can adjust the water discharge according to different floor types.

Easily switched to vacuum and mop the floor.
Switch between 3 floor cleaning modes for easy one-step cleaning.                                                   

Smart planning
Zigzag cleaning path for a measurable cleaning process and improve cleaning efficiency.                                                        

Adapt to complex environments
Built-in sensors give you the flexibility to handle complex home environments. Confidence in cleaning without worries.

Close-to-wall cleaning with fewer missed spots Stops immediately when a step is detected Crosses gaps and obstacles, less likely to get stuck

XIAOMI E10 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (35W,White) BHR6783EU