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Dish Dryer UV Sterilisation YMXD103CN

Dish Dryer UV Sterilisation YMXD103CN

Product specification
  • Product type:Dish Dryer UV Sterilisation
  • Temperatures up to 75C
  • Kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses
  • Dimension(cm): 36.20 x 41.00 x 49.50
  • Capacity (Liter): 55



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About the Product

Product Details

Start with Tableware hygiene, VIOMI Dish Dryer UV Sterilisation 

Easily protect family members Get started on your dining table. For better hygiene, VIOMI offers a dishwasher that not only keeps your dishes dry and clean Also comes with bactericidal technology with UV light that can kill bacteria and viruses up to 99.999% efficiently You can trust that your dishes and bowls will be cleaner than ever. Ensuring the happiness of the tableware for everyone in the family.

UV Sterilization
UV bacteria-killing technology, drying system at temperatures up to 75C, with the front dial to control the time you need from 1 to 60 minutes. Can kill bacteria and viruses up to 99.999%. The system will operate with 2 layers of cleaning as well. UV light that helps kill germs And hot air that helps inhibit the growth of bacteria

Unlimited space and no need to install
You can put the sterilizer on the dishwasher anywhere. Whether on the table Space beside the sink or anywhere that suits the convenience of use according to your needs Without needing to install No need to bury like other electrical appliances You can use easily.

High capacity design
The machine has a capacity of 55 liters. Can fit many devices. New grille and cover that is more convenient to use. With a closed cover that can protect more dust and dirt Design that helps ventilate the interior That helps the container to dry all the time Premium quality materials Luxurious dine Add beauty to the kitchen

VIOMI Dish Dryer YMXD103CN

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