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Bluetooth Speaker (30W,White) Small Transparent

Bluetooth Speaker (30W,White) Small Transparent

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Product specification
  • Color:White
  • For: listening to music
  • Materials used: Tempered glass and aluminum
  • Output power 30W
  • 60 Hz - 20 kHz :3 dB
  • Speaker with Bluetooth/cable




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About the Product

Product Details


  • Operates via Bluetooth 5.0 or cable.
  • Speaker streaming with Bluetooth and True Wireless
  • Sound quality DSP (Digital Sound Processor chip)
  • Compatible with Apple AirPlay, Sonos, Amazon Echo and Google Cast.
  • Made of aluminum and glass


  • Use the supplied equipment only. To avoid damaging the speaker
  • Do not place the speaker in a location near a heat source. Place it in a location exposed to direct sunlight, dusty, humid.
  • Be careful not to drop the speaker.
  • Do not insert any small objects. into the speaker connector. The speaker may short out or malfunction.


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Cable

Whats in the box

  • Long and short audio cables
  • Long and short power cables
  • Brackets and screws
  • Manual

High quality speaker with a timeless design with Transparent Small Transparent Speaker

Experience your favorite music in perfect sound. With a timeless dimension with the Transparent Small Transparent Speaker, a high-quality Bluetooth speaker that transmits true music. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology or choose to listen via cable. unique design Reflecting a simple but unique style With the transparency produced by aluminum and glass. can blend in with your room perfectly

Modular design
Modular design is the key to future proofing our products. with this design Allows speaker repairs and upgrades Improved to be a speaker that can keep up with the world of the future.

Timeless design
This speaker is built with a one-piece aluminum frame. What is used is essential and practical elements. Speaker is designed to last. Tempered glass blends naturally with any style.

Transparent sound
transparent sound is the speakers ability to convey the true intentions of the musicians through to the listeners. We tune our speakers for crystal clear sound. Provides a complete music experience.

Forever Upgradable
Small Transparent Speaker is futureproofed due to its modular design making it simple to upgrade components. There is a compartment underneath the speaker that can hold and power various upgrades.

TRANSPARENT Bluetooth Speaker (30W,White) Small Transparent