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Top Load Washing Machine (10 kg) AW-DM1100PT(MK)

Top Load Washing Machine (10 kg) AW-DM1100PT(MK)

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Product specification
  • Drum size (kg): 10
  • Spinning cycle (r/min): 700
  • Number of top lid washing programs (programs): 8
  • Quick wash program: Yes
  • INVERTER system: Yes
  • Set the washing time in advance (hours): 24
  • Cloth Soaking System: Yes
  • Tank Cleaning Program: Yes
  • Child lock for opening the lid: Yes
  • Motor system: DDM Inverter
  • Maximum amount of water used (liters): 94
  • Automatic water level adjustment: Yes
  • Body made of material: steel
  • Washing tank made of material: stainless steel
  • TIS 1463-2013 TIS 1462-2019

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About the Product

Product Details


  • Great wave, water waves for 4 washing programs, including normal washing, jeans, blankets and thick fabrics, reducing washing time, saving a lot of water and electricity.
  • Inverter system, high efficiency washing power Work quietly and save electricity.
  • I-Clean automatic tank cleaning system Reduce dirty stains on the drum.
  • Safety glass lid Load capacity 100 kg. Damper reinforced. Helps to close the lid softly.


  • Do not use a damaged power cord. and a loose socket
  • Do not put your hands into the drum until the drum is completely stopped.
  • Do not place items on top of the washing machine.
  • Do not load more than the specified capacity.
  • Please be careful to keep children away from the drum.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Toshiba Top Load Washing Machine (10 kg) AW-DM1100PT(MK)_Dimensiosn

Top Load Washing Machine Inverter 10 kg Toshiba AW-DM1100PT(MK)



Clean your clothes completely clean too. The Toshiba AW-DM1100PT(MK) top-loading washing machine comes with Great Wave, a hydroelectric wave for 4 washing programs, including normal wash, jeans, blankets and thick fabrics that will save time, save water and save electricity. very washable Because there is a 10 kg drum size, the machine is luxurious. strong and durable with safety glass top lid that can be closed softly by adding a damper Convenience with the I-Clean system, automatic tank cleaning Deep cleaning with 3-way water power and new washing dishes Safe and worry-free use with a safety glass cover good weight with anti-rat tray It also has a sleek design with no edges and hidden handles. Perfect for every aspect of your home.



The lid is designed to hide the handle. Perfectly designed with a bezel-less machine. For simplicity that comes with user convenience, GREATWAVES technology combines a variety of rotation and water power. Provides the same washing performance as hand washing. but saves water and can be washed faster. automatic tank cleaning for true cleanliness During the washing process with the Tank Cleaning function, it will automatically run every time. by pushing the water inside the drum to wash off the dirt outside the drum The motor is connected directly to the body. without belt Energy saving, quiet operation.

Toshiba Top Load Washing Machine (10 kg) AW-DM1100PT(MK)