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Microwave (700 W, 20 L, White) MWP-MWP-MG20P(WH)

Microwave (700 W, 20 L, White) MWP-MWP-MG20P(WH)

Product specification
  • Volume capacity (liters): 20
  • Power supply (watts): 700
  • Function: Warm
  • Auto defrost program: Yes
  • Color: white
  • Weight (kg): 10.7
  • Dimension(cm.) 35.90 W x 25.80 H x 43.90 D
  • Grill Function
  • Tempered glass door
  • TIS 1773-2005



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About the Product

Product Details

Toshiba grill microwave oven model MWP-MWP-MG20P (WH)

The most .. of the microwave grill system Fulfill your kitchen happiness with special features .. of the grill microwave system. That combines multiple functions in one device so you can enjoy With all your favorite dishes easily

Grill Function
More deliciously delicious with a Combo program that combines the functionality of a microwave system, heater system, distribute heat in all directions. Cooked food Crispy outside .. soft inside And beautiful colors Spread the heat from the inside all directions, making the food cooked evenly, soft and the heat from the outside. Makes food cooked quickly, crispy, delicious. Delicious color

Combo of 2 functions to choose from

  • Combo 1 is heated mainly using microwave to cook food from the inside and use the outside heater to add color to the food.
  • Combo 2 is heated mainly using the heater to heat food from the outside. And use the microwave to heat slightly, so the food is still juicy and delicious

5 levels adjustable
Choose to use according to the suitability of each type of food, you can select the microwave level up to 5 levels (0% -100%).

Toshiba Microwave (700 W, 20 L, White) MWP-MWP-MG20P(WH)