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Dish Washer (22 pes) DWS-22ATH(K)

Dish Washer (22 pes) DWS-22ATH(K)

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Product specification
  • Compact size
  • Easy to install
  • Save water
  • Save time
  • Multi-Function
  • Use materials that are safe for health.
  • Steam function Help keep the utensils clean
  • Number of wash utensils (pieces): 22
  • Number of cleaning programs (programs): 6
  • Maximum wash temperature (degrees): 72
  • Maximum power (watts): 730-860
  • Sound level (decibels): 46
  • Water consumption (liters): 5
  • Dimensions (cm): 43.50 H x 42.00 W x 43.50 D
  • Warranty: 2 years


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About the Product

Product Details

New Mini Multi-Function Dishwasher Toshiba DWS-22ATH (K), your new kitchen cleaning helper.

Efficiently cleans cookware, plates, bowls, spoons, forks, glasses, and other utensils. We use materials that are safe for health. Steam function Help keep the container cleaner Along with reducing restrictions in use Whether it is limited space, a complex installation, a waste of resources, maintenance-intensive maintenance, etc. It is a versatile dishwasher that should be in your home.


  • Small size, easy to install, does not take up space. Easy to move Can be placed in any kitchen
  • Multipurpose basket Can be adjusted to suit all kinds of containers
  • 5 steps to clean To meet the needs of the family
  • Efficient filter system Helps to screen food particles from washing
  • Safety protection system Leakage protection, overflow protection, malfunction alarm
  • Removes 99.99% of bacteria
  • Wash the stains with high temperature.

Toshiba DWS-22ATH(K) - Dish Washer

Small size, does not require much space
Easily adapt to any kitchen space. Beautiful modern design can be placed anywhere Harmonious with the kitchen Make the kitchen look spacious More comfort

No complicated installation required

Ready to use without installing a water pipe (in case of adding water)
Insulated water tank to keep the temperature constant.
There is a water pump to speed up the filling of water.
Automatic water level alarm
A “TIT” sound sounds when the water tank is full.
“Flashing” symbol when the water in the tank is low.
Can choose to install with a water inlet pipe

Can wash up to 22 utensils at the same time
The container basket is designed For container It is enough for 1 meal, whether it is big or small hands, it can fit for 2-4 people.

Use only 5 liters of water worthwhile.
Built-in water tank (capacity 5 liters) intelligently monitors the water level. With intelligent water pressure control system With heat preservation technology inside, use only 5 liters of water for 1 full cleaning, 7 times more water-saving than washing by hand.

Measure the water level intelligently
There is a built-in water level meter. When it detects that the top has been added water The indicator lights will turn on and an alarm will sound. The built-in flow meter provides accurate water calculation, preventing overflow or insufficient water.

Intelligent water pressure control system
The water tank is connected to the water pump. There is an automatic pressure control system when using water. It speeds up the water filling speed and reduces the cleaning time.

Internal heat preservation technology
After washing the dishes The inner heat will flow through the air vents into the water tank. And the heat cannot go out through the filler. Thus helping to maintain and save energy

Cleaning efficiency
Not just for washing dishes But also washing vegetables/fruits Using the function of washing vegetables/fruits takes only 12 minutes.

The fruit and vegetable basket has a hollow design to fit in the corner of the lower sprinkler. Helps to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly. (There is a basket in the packaging box)

Many cleaning options are available.
360 ? washing: upper nozzle and lower spray wand. Spray the water evenly inside the machine.
Vegetable/fruit washing: Wash away any hidden residue in fruits and vegetables.
Steam function: generates steam during cleaning. To sterilize childrens utensils and also help keep your glasses more sparkling clean.
Quick wash: takes only 29 minutes to clean the container

Drying system
Fresh air circulation to remove moisture and odor, keeping the sheets and air channels dry and odor free. On the right side of the unit, the volute design of the fan blades rotates to produce quiet air and ventilate from the inside out. The water inlet on the top is vented to vent the water vapor, odors, and mold inside to avoid causing. Musty smell Both the air intake and the vents have a special frequency net to prevent cockroaches and other insects from entering the machine.

Function of use
GLASS: for washing slightly soiled dishes, bowls, and glasses
NORMAL function: washes dishes with maximum efficiency, uses steam Increase efficiency in eliminating bacteria
FRUIT WASH: for removing odor, moisture, anti-mold, selectable from 2 levels
INCENTIVE: For oily dishes and heavily soiled kitchen utensils.
RAPID: for dishes that are lightly soiled Takes a quick wash.
ECO: for properly soiled dishes and utensils

 Toshiba DWS-22ATH(K) - Funtion

Transparent uniform door
Able to see the internal operations during cleaning.

Light in the machine
Use energy-saving LED bulbs to increase the brightness inside the device. You can see the work during the cleaning machine.

Use a dishwashing powder that contains bio-enzymes. To remove the oil more thoroughly

Toshiba DWS-22ATH(K)

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