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Freezers (3.5 Cubic) GR-RC130CE-DMT(01)

Freezers (3.5 Cubic) GR-RC130CE-DMT(01)

Product specification
  • Size (cubic): 3.5
  • Volume capacity (liters): 99
  • Internal temperature:10-30
  • Defrost system: no
  • Cooling system: Fixed-speed
  • Temperature control panel:Digital
  • Dimensions (cm.) 85.00 H x 54.50 W x 49.50 D
  • Weight (kg): 23
  • Color:White
  • Lid type: top lid
  • Compressor (watts): 120
  • Electricity cost per year (Baht): 1730



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About the Product

Product Details

Toshiba Freezers (3.5 Cubic) GR-RC130CE-DMT(01)

Key Highlight

  • Frozen pipe D-TYPE
  • Anti-rust interior material
  • It is designed to save energy.
  • Accelerate cooling quickly


  • Always unplug when not in use.
  • Be careful when moving to prevent damage.
  • Always check the plug before cleaning to make sure it has been removed.
  • Do not place in the sun or in a place with high heat.

Toshiba freezers are equipped with D-TYPE freezer tubes, saving more energy, freezing faster, freezing evenly. and fresh nutritional value Makes it easy to store food that needs to be cold.

Weighted cabinet lid, can be opened to 3 levels, anti-rust interior material Easy to clean, durable, with LED lights to help illuminate while in use. The freezer is designed to save energy. have a long service life Extreme freeze function Accelerate cooling quickly cabinet door lock Prevents opening the lid and increases safety.


Electricity cost per year + Energy Saving Label No.5 (Star) there may be changes. Can check at https://www.powerbuy.co.th/th/page/labelno5