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Double Door Refrigerator (21.5 Cubic, Glass Black) GR-AG66KA (GG)

Double Door Refrigerator (21.5 Cubic, Glass Black) GR-AG66KA (GG)

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Product specification
  • Ag+ Bio deodorization system filters and deodorizes
  • Can freeze food semi-freezing At a low temperature of -3°C, food stays fresh for longer.
  • Make ice with twisted ice trays.
  • Prevent odor and inhibit bacteria with Duo Hybrid.
  • The shelf on the door can be adjusted as needed.
  • TIS 2186-2018 TIS 2214-2018



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About the Product

Product Details

Keep it fresh. Must be Toshiba refrigerator.

Toshiba refrigerators come with a new cooling technology. Ready to preserve and keep your food fresh for longer. as well as maintaining nutritional value so that you get the most nutrients It also saves electricity. Fiber-saving label 5 can help you reduce your home expenses. and allow you to use it with good value for money It is a refrigerator that is ready for you to store everything you need. Then your life will be fresher than ever.


Energy saving with inverter system
Conventional refrigerator compressor (Non-Inverter Compressor) has a "cut-to" operation system which uses a lot of energy during the compressor restart. For refrigerator models that are Inverter Compressor, the operating system will be adjusted according to different usage characteristics. with an accurate temperature sensor Work in relation to internal and external temperature Refrigerator compressor will increase the operating speed. If the temperature is not reached and the work will be reduced. when the temperature is reached Compressor cut-off reduction range This saves energy and reduces noise.

Ag+ Bio deodorization system
Can filter and decompose odors caused by sulfur. nitrogen from food Make the air inside the refrigerator fresher. In addition, silver metal (Ag) also helps decompose unwanted odor molecules. and inhibit the growth of bacteria keeps food fresh longer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Deodorization system in the freezer
The Ag Bio System contains biological catalysts that remove odors from sulfur groups such as seafood, pungent vegetables, and nitrogen e.g. fish, meat.

Urgent cooling system
It can increase the efficiency of making ice and cold drinks quickly.


Dual Cooling Zone
Special cold zone for chilling drinks or food that requires ultra-fast cooling

multipurpose box
added storage compartment allowing you to store more items

Large vegetable compartment
Large fruit and vegetable compartment for freshness Increase storage space for a large number of fruits and vegetables, easy to use with a specially designed Easy to move in and out

Compartment beside the door adjustable position
Shelves near the door convenient to use Position can be adjusted according to need.                                                                                                             

3 twisted ice trays
3 ice cube trays, easy to twist, can change the position of the ice tray from top to bottom for convenience.

Energy saving
save cost reduce electricity consumption                                                                                                                                                                                            

Toshiba Double Doors Refrigerator

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