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Hot&Cold Water Dispenser (Black) RWF-W1917TK(K)

Hot&Cold Water Dispenser (Black) RWF-W1917TK(K)

Product specification
  • Type: hot water, cold water, normal water
  • Number (spigot): 3
  • Hot water temperature:>85
  • Minimum cold water temperature (degrees): <10
  • Type: floor standing
  • Water filtration system: no
  • Storage compartment below: no
  • Others: This item does not include a water tank.



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About the Product

Product Details


  • Prevent electric shock with electrical insulating material.
  • Advanced protection system with automatic cut-off sensor
  • Water dispenser 3 temperature
  • child lock
  • Safe with FOOD GRADE materials.                                                                        


  • Fatal If the ground wire is not installed
  • Do not use strong chemicals. Or has an acidic - alkaline cleaning effect.
  • Do not install the drinking water dispenser near heat, flammable materials and moisture.
  • Do not operate and maintain by yourself. If the product is damaged or damaged
  • Do not use with non-standard equipment.
  • Avoid installing in direct sunlight. because it may damage the product
  • When unplugging, do not touch the power cord. Hold only the plug insulator.

Hot&Cold Water Dispenser Toshiba RWF-W1917TK(K)

Hot&Cold Water Dispenser Toshiba RWF-W1917TK(K). Made from durable, safe, rust-free materials with food-grade stainless steel SUS304 and PP plastic. It also comes with a 3-temperature water dispenser for you to choose from drinking water with different temperatures: cold water, room temperature water and water. hot, with a child lock from an unexpected accident With a hot water dispenser lock button as well So you can be confident about safety for sure.

Heater outside the water tank
Avoid direct contact between electricity and water. Ensuring safety and making the heater last longer.                                                                                     

Advanced protection system with automatic cut-off sensor
Automatically cut off when the water tank is empty or the temperature is abnormally high. with 2 sets of thermostats at the hot water tank

Child lock
Protect children from unexpected accidents with the hot water dispenser lock button.

Water dispenser 3 temperature
Choose from 3 different temperature water dispensers; 6-9?c cold water. Cold water can be mixed with fruit and soda to create summer drinks, 25?c room temperature water. Room-temperature water is a good choice for reducing thirst, and 78-87?c hot water fills you with joy during work breaks. by drinking a cup of hot aromatic coffee.

Designed to be easy to use suitable for everyone
Easy to use, just press one button, there are LED indicators to indicate the operation, clearly visible the working status. which is ergonomically designed, can dispense drinking water without having to lean over It has an extra high dispensing area suitable for glasses and bottles of different sizes.                                                                                                                                 

The operation of the compressor is highly safe.
The compressor can offer superior protection. Both work overload and when the temperature is abnormally high.                                                                    

Save energy with an on/off switch.
There is an on/off switch for hot and cold water systems. You can choose to turn off the system that you dont want to use to save on electricity bills.

Toshiba Hot&Cold Water Dispenser (Black) RWF-W1917TK(K)

Electricity cost per year + Energy Saving Label No.5 (Star) there may be changes. Can check at https://www.powerbuy.co.th/th/page/labelno5