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Care For You Automatic Garment Steamer (1800W, 2L) YT4050

Care For You Automatic Garment Steamer (1800W, 2L) YT4050

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Product specification
  • Power (watts): 1800
  • Can adjust the steam level (level): 3
  • Steam power: (grams per minute): 65
  • Water tank capacity (L.): 2
  • Fast heating within (seconds): 10
  • Vertical Ironing: Yes
  • Dimensions (cm): 80.00 W x 75.00 H x 75.00
  • TIS.(Yes/No):Yes 366-2547



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About the Product

Product Details


  • Remove wrinkles in 10 minutes. Clean cloth.
  • Inhibits viruses and bacteria up to 99.99%
  • Eliminate musty and unwanted odors
  • Tumble dry without damaging the fabric.
  • There are wheels under the machine that can rotate 360 degrees, easy to move.
  • Can be used with other fabric items such as pillows, blankets, dolls.


  • Do not misuse.
  • Always unplug the power plug after use.
  • Should not be placed near childrens hands


Tefal Care For You Automatic Garment Steamer

The Tefal Care For You automatic garment steamer harnesses the power of all natural steam to remove wrinkles, disinfect, deodorize and dry, making caring for your clothes easy.

Discover a game-changing experience no effort HANDS-FREE: Load up to 3 items for a 10-minute crease removal and disinfect your textiles and clothes from 20 to 40 minutes, killing 99.99%* of viruses, bacteria and germs and removing odors. undesirable The safe drying function ensures no damage. even on the most delicate clothing.

  • Automatic: Gain more free time by delegating the laundry to technology
  • Complete: Reduce creases, sanitise, and dry clothes in just 10 minutes
  • Safe: Care for even the most delicate of items without risk of damage
  • Convenient: Delay dry-cleaning trips with easy at-home clothes care

Tefal Care For You Automatic Garment Steamer (1800W, 2L) YT4050