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Electric Kettle (1,800-2,200W, 1.7L) KI800D66

Electric Kettle (1,800-2,200W, 1.7L) KI800D66

Product specification
  • (L): 1.7
  • Power (Watt): 1800-2200
  • Boiling water boiling inside (min): 45
  • Automatic shut-off: Yes
  • Watering system: Touch
  • Color: Black
  • Machine Dimensions (cm): 16.5x24.0x17.5
  • Warranty (Year): 2
  • Weight (kg): 1.1



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About the Product

Product Details

Tefal Electric Kettle (1,800-2,200W, 1.7L) KI800D66

Tefal KI800D66 electric kettle, modern design Fast boiling With every menu for you, whether making tea, coffee or other beverages, its convenient. Capacity 1.7 liters. Perfect size for boiling water. Use 7-8 glasses at a time. The kettle will automatically cut off the power when the water is boiling. The inner open lid is made of clean stainless steel, safe, easy to use, allowing you to enjoy a hot drink in the morning with a stainless steel kettle. With a removable lid for easy cleaning

Choose the perfect kettle for your tea and coffee. To enjoy your favorite flavor The kettle is the perfect size for hand and convenient to please everyone in the family. A well-filtered filter helps keep the water clean and the electric kettle. For a good taste of tea and coffee. The base rotates 360 degrees. The kettle stays firmly. To make your coffee and tea brew quickly.


  • Capacity (Liter): 1.7
  • Electric Power (Watts): 1800-2200
  • Boiling water within (minutes): 45
  • Automatic shut-off system: Yes
  • Water pressure system: touch
  • Color: Silver, Black
  • Dimension (cm): 16.5x24.0x17.5
  • Warranty (Year): 2
  • Weight (kg): 1.1

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Tefal Electric Kettle KI800D66