TV Wall Mount 42-90 Inch STX-90

Product specification
  • Product type: TV Bracket SYNCHRO STX-90
  • For TV size: 42-90"
  • Support weight(kg):100
  • Material used: Steel
  • Can it be used with lightweight bricks?: Yes.
  • Special features: Can tilt -15/-15 degrees, increasing usable space and preventing accidents.



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About the Product

Product Details

SYNCHRO High Quality TV Wall Mount

SYNCHRO TV Stand, model STX-90, is a TV mount bracket size 42 "-90", made of good quality steel, strong, durable, suitable for TV 42-90 inches, support weight 100 KG., Distance from the wall 7 cm . Special design for maximum utility Right to meet the activities in a variety of areas to increase the usable space. Prevent accidents Importantly, easy to install Not as complicated as thought



  • Product type: WALL MOUNT
  • For TVs Size: 42-90 ""
  • Support Weight (kg): 100
  • Material used: iron
  • Can be used with autoclaved aerated bricks or not: Yes
  • Special features: can be tilted -15 / -15 degrees
  • Size (cm): 31 x 8.50 x 1.80
  • Weight (kg): 4