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PS4 Game Horizon Forbidden West Special Edition PCAS-05149N

PS4 Game Horizon Forbidden West Special Edition PCAS-05149N

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  • PS4 Game Horizon Forbidden West Special Edition
  • Dimension(cm): 43.50 x 34.00 x 36.50



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Adventure at the Forbidden Lands (English, Chinese, Korean and Thai editions) PS4 Horizon Forbidden West Special Edition PCAS-05149N

Join Eloy on a journey through Forbidden West. Dangerous expanses and expanses with new and mysterious dangers lurking. Explore faraway lands. Fight bigger and more exciting machines. and face astonishing new races as you travel to a distant future after the end of the world. in the Horizon series The land is coming to an end Violent storms and deterioration are hard to stop. Destroy the remaining fragments of humanity. while a new kind of terrifying machine was not far away. Life on Earth is on the verge of extinction once again. and no one knows the cause
Its up to Eloy to reveal the secret behind the danger. restore order and balance of the world Along the way, she meets an old friend. Forge friendships to fight with a new group of people. and unveiling stories of the distant past – while also trying to get ahead of new, tricky enemies.

Traveling in the wide world as far as the eye can see
Discover distant lands new enemy and outstanding characters with beautiful culture

vast land
Explore the lush forests, city ruins and high mountains of Americas distant future.

face a new danger
Utilize dozens of weapons, gadgets and traps crafted from shards in cunning battles against massive mechs. and the human enemy that rides on it

Reveal the amazing secret
Uncover the secrets behind the imminent destruction of the world and learn the mysteries of the past… A story that will change Eloy forever.

43.50 x 34.00 x 36.50

PS4 Game Horizon Forbidden West

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