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Portable Radio With Flashlight (Gold/Black) VX-920P

Portable Radio With Flashlight (Gold/Black) VX-920P

Product specification
  • Radio Receiver: FM, AM
  • Channel Recording: Yes
  • USB connector: Yes
  • BATTERY (hours): 6-8
  • Connector: SD CARD
  • Dimension : 25.0x9.0x15.0
  • Warranty (Year): 1
  • Weight (kg): 1
  • Others: There is a headphone jack. Built-in rechargeable BATTERY (RECHARGEABLE) AUX Audio Amplifier The front has LED flashlight.



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About the Product

Product Details

SONAR Radio Flashlight Model VX-920P front LED flashlight. Support for MP3 files from USB / SD card with a built-in battery. (Rechargeable)

SONAR Radio Flashlight Model VX-920P - Black Portable FM Radio with FM / AM / AUX / SD / USB Flash and accessories. Or a fan of retro style products. But its also latent with technology and modernity. Beautiful colors. Ensuring that we can listen to MP3 music look attractive design. Stereo sound can be amplified. Headphone jack Digital and analog radio reception

Ideal for hiking or dangerous activities. Activity Torch The next is usually after sunset. This device eliminates the risk of various tasks. At night, without enough light. And maybe the only thing that can be answered in the event of a fire.

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SONAR Radio Flashlight VX-920P