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Game PS5 Prince of Persia : The Lost Crown Standard Edition
SOFTWARE PLAYSTATION Game PS5 Prince of Persia : The Lost Crown Standard Edition

Game PS5 Prince of Persia : The Lost Crown Standard Edition

Product specification
  • Product type: game disc
  • For:PS5 game console
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimension(cm):17 x 14 x 1



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About the Product

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  • Game genre: Action,Adventure
  • Number of players: 1 person
  • For game console: PS5



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Prince of Persia : The Lost Crown - Stand Edition


Jump into a stylish and exciting action-adventure platform with Prince of Persia : The Lost Crown on PlayStation 5 in the world of Persian legend that allows you He controls the boundaries of space and time. Play as Sargon And develop your skills from a genius swordsman to an unrivaled legend. As you practice combat acrobatics, unlock Time Powers and ultimate unique abilities.


Prince of Persia : The Lost Crown_1 Prince of Persia : The Lost Crown_2

Unleash the warrior within you!
Use the power of time Combat and platforming skills to combo attacks and defeat enemies and legendary creatures.


Lose yourself in the mighty Mount Qaf!
Cursed Persian Legend full of important places strange creature Explore a large, highly detailed and diverse world. Each type of living thing is unique. miracle and different dangers Use your wits to solve the mystery. Find hidden treasures and complete the mission To discover the story surrounding this cursed place.
Prince of Persia : The Lost Crown_3 Prince of Persia : The Lost Crown_4
Explore an epic adventure!
Immerse yourself in the imagination of Persian mythology through interesting and unique stories. Cross paths with colorful characters to better solve the mysteries of Mount Qaf.
Start your carefully crafted experience!
Enjoy high quality graphics. Realistic movies and fresh artistic direction With a unique gaming smoothness at a rate of 60 fps on all platforms.