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Stick Vacuum Cleaner ( 600 W, Grey ) SVC-1015 + SVC1020C

Stick Vacuum Cleaner ( 600 W, Grey ) SVC-1015 + SVC1020C

Product specification
  • Suction: Dry
  • Power (Watts): 600
  • Suction power (Watts): 15000
  • Dust Filter System Model: Cyclone
  • Dust capacity (liters): 0.8
  • Dust collector: plastic box (polycarbonate)
  • Dimension(cm):21.00 x 15.40 x 46.60
  • Motor warranty (year): 1
  • Long power cord (meters): 5
  • Weight (kg): 2.92
  • Other: SHIMONO SVC-1015: AC 220-240V 50HZSHIMONO SVC-1020C: AC 122V 50HZ HEPA filter (HIGH-EFFICIENCY PARTICULATE AIR) that can be washed. Will trap small particles such as dust and allergens To eliminate from the air inside your home



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About the Product

Product Details

Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner SHIMONO SVC-1015

  • A variety of accessories suitable for use in various locations
  • Can adjust the short-length of the suction pipe
  • Increase the efficiency of vacuuming The machine size is still compact.
  • The motor has a powerful suction power.
  • Stainless steel filter
  • Modern cyclone vacuum technology
  • HEPA glass fiber filter, with air filter

Cleaning your home will not be boring anymore with the Shimano Cyclone Cleaner. We have developed a vacuum cleaner. That is full of efficiency and new technology to help make your life easier

Vacuuming longer Longer life
Cleaning various rooms Not easy And general vacuum cleaners often have reduced suction power Until the cleaning work became more difficult But with a vacuum cleaner Shimono Cyclone Cleaner that uses advanced technology Cyclone Technology to prevent the filter from clogging prematurely Including other causes That reduce the suction power Vacuum Cleaner Shimono Cyclone Cleaner contains many technologies to help the machine work with maximum performance. Makes cleaning easier, easier and more efficient

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Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner SHIMONO Model SVC-1015