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Slide Fan 16 Inch (Baby Blue) PJ-SL165

Slide Fan 16 Inch (Baby Blue) PJ-SL165

Product specification
  • Type: Slide Fan
  • Propeller size (inches): 16
  • Adjust wind power (level): 3
  • Thermo Fuse system: Yes
  • LAbel No.5: Yes
  • TIS (Yes/No): Yes 934-2015



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About the Product

Product Details

  • 16-inch 3-blade propellers distribute air evenly.
  • Adjustable wind power in 3 levels
  • Front-back grille Special frequency design Increase safety
  • High efficiency motor
  • Pull out the power plug every time. Before disassembling the various parts
  • The fan should not be placed in areas with extremely high temperatures or in areas with humidity.
  • Do not turn on the fan near curtains or mosquito nets because the fan will suck such light materials into the machine.


Cool down and provide perfect comfort with the Sharp model PJ-SL165, a 16-inch slide fan.

Deliver efficiency and cool air that is ready to cool down for everyone in the family with the Sharp slide fan model PJ-SL165, providing coolness and comfort with 16-inch wide blades. Choose the wind power as you want with the 3-level wind power option. Deliver wind power evenly With a high-performance, durable motor and strong wind power that provides excellent performance. With a beautiful design Modern and strong in bright colors. Beats the heat and is pleasing to every family.

Provides maximum security
Sharp produces fans that meet standards that users can trust in their safety. There is a Thermo Fuse system that will automatically cut off the power, along with Flame Retardant plastic that doesn't spread flames. Through a production process that has been certified and certified to safety standards, TIS 934-2015.
Beautiful, modern design
Design that focuses on functionality Makes it easy for you to use. Special grid design Increase safety Large air pressure level button quality material Strong according to Japanese quality standards With bright colors that will add life to the space inside the house.