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Microwave (800 W, 22 L) R-2221G-K

Microwave (800 W, 22 L) R-2221G-K

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Microwave (800 W, 22 L) R-2221G-K



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Sharp Microwave (800 W, 22 L) R-2221G-K adds convenience to your cooking. Electronic operation control with familiar operation functions That will help you use easily And make your cooking easier As if having a pro assistant nearby

For the 22-liter Sharp Microwave adds convenience and value for money. And 800 watts of microwave power for use as well

Food is thoroughly cooked
Can adjust the cooking temperature to be stable Helps the food to cook thoroughly

Capacity (liters): 22
Power (Watt): 800
Function: Warm microwave oven
Cooking program (program): 4
Time setting (minutes): 30
Automatic defrosting program
Machine size (cm): 45.70 x 38.80 x 26.20
Color: Black
Weight (kg): 12
Warranty (Year): 1
Other: There is a fire button, timer, LIGHT UP-DIAL, can clearly see the time while cooking, can heat, cook, boil, stew, bake, steam, set the cooking timer from 20 seconds to 30 minutes and choose the heat system with 3 levels

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