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Microwave (800W,20L) R-652PBK

Microwave (800W,20L) R-652PBK

Product specification
  • Capacity (liters): 20
  • System (knob / touch): Touch
  • WAVE system: Relative plate system
  • Automatic cooking (program): 6
  • Automatic defrosting: Yes
  • Dimensions (cm): 30.6x20.8x30.7
  • heat setting (level): 11
  • Cooking Time (Minutes): 99.50
  • Weight (kg): 12
  • McNon warranty (year): 1
  • Others: Power Save Mode +1 MIN function (automatic timer)



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About the Product

Product Details

Sharp, the worlds largest brand from Japan Which is considered a world leader in many world technologies Especially with all electronic products In the category of audio-visual products Has been a leader in the market continuously Until being widely accepted around the world By many products produced such as video, audio, camera Projectors in LCD systems, copiers Fax Calculator Cash machine, computer, laser printer Household electrical appliances, including color TV in various formats Which has received a lot of attention from consumers and Sharp R-652PBK microwave model is another option that is very popular.

Sharp Microwave R-652PBK It comes with 20 liter capacity. It can adjust the heat level. It also has a power saving mode for cooking that makes  you comfortable every time.

Wide range of functions to meet your needs.

Adjustable cooking temperature up to 6 levels, Its easy to use, controlled by the rotation system that allows to cook thoroughly cooked all parts. It also has kitchen time and child safety lock.

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Sharp R-652PBK