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Rice Cooker (1.8L, Mixed Color/Pattern) KS-R19ST

Rice Cooker (1.8L, Mixed Color/Pattern) KS-R19ST

Product specification
  • Capacity (liter): 1.8
  • Operating System: Auto Warm
  • Inside Pot Coating with: Polygon
  • Cord storage: automatic
  • Temperature range 70-76 degrees.
  • Heating pad around the pot thoroughly dissipate heat.
  • The lid on the lid keeps steam out of the lid.
  • 3-year heating plate warranty



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About the Product

Product Details

Sharp KS-R19ST The features of this rice cooker such as a warm pad around the pot which will dissipate the heat to the rice thoroughly, the temperature control system TRS keeps the temperature constant between 70-76C. so, rice still warms all the time. This rice cooker will cut off thermal fuse when there is a problem with the power system malfunction, the inside of the pot is coated with polyphonal, and have a ladle ladder next to the pot. While the inner lid can be removed easily rinsed.


  • Capacity (liters): 1.8
  • System: automatic warming
  • Inner Coating with Polygonal
  • Cord storage: automatic
  • Others: Temperature control 70-76 degrees, heat pad around the pot thoroughly dissipates, warm pad on the lid, steam does not cover the pot lid, warranty heating pad 3 years


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