Kettle (1,850W, 1.7L) EKJ-176

Product specification
  • Capacity (liter): 1.7
  • Power (Watt): 1,850 
  • Dimensions (cm): W23.2 x H23.2 x D16.0



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About the Product

Product Details

Sharp, the worlds largest brand from Japan Which is considered a world leader in many world technologies Especially with all electronic products In the category of audio-visual products Has been a leader in the market continuously Until being widely accepted around the world By many products produced such as video, audio, camera Projectors in LCD systems, copiers Fax Calculator Cash machine, computer, laser printer Household electrical appliances, including kettle in various formats Which has received a lot of attention from consumers and Sharp kettle model EKJ-176 is another option that has been very popular.

Sharp Model EKJ-176 is ideal for those who are looking for electric kettles. Modern design Boil water quickly. Both convenient and safe. Start every day with a perfect hot drink. With boiling water and easy and convenient handling.

Sharp EKJ-176 A new kettle that will change the brewing of hot drinks. Youre more convenient. You can enjoy a delicious instant drink. Even in rush hours or empty stomachs. Convenient at the fingertips. Boil water quickly. Suitable for any style of coffee or drink. Maximum security Cut off electricity as soon as boiling water. Scale for water level Visible water level is clear.


  • Capacity (liter): 1.7
  • Power (Watt): 1,850 
  • Dimensions (cm): W23.2 x H23.2 x D16.0


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Kettle (1,850W, 1.7L) EKJ-176