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TV 85QN90D Smart TV 85 Inch 4K UHD Neo QLED QA85QN90DAKXXT 2024
SAMSUNG TV 85QN90D Smart TV 85 Inch 4K UHD Neo QLED QA85QN90DAKXXT 2024
SAMSUNG TV 85QN90D Smart TV 85 Inch 4K UHD Neo QLED QA85QN90DAKXXT 2024
SAMSUNG TV 85QN90D Smart TV 85 Inch 4K UHD Neo QLED QA85QN90DAKXXT 2024
SAMSUNG TV 85QN90D Smart TV 85 Inch 4K UHD Neo QLED QA85QN90DAKXXT 2024

TV 85QN90D Smart TV 85 Inch 4K UHD Neo QLED QA85QN90DAKXXT 2024

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Product specification
  • Size(inches):85
  • Picture system:UHD/ 4K Neo QLED
  • RESOLUTION(PIXELS):3840x2160
  • FEATURES:Smart TV, Tizen OS
  • HDR:YES Cinema HDR
  • TIS(Yes/No):Yes 62368 Volume 1-2020



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About the Product

Product Details

  • Experience full AI power at 4K level with NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor.
  • Control light in detail and precision with the latest technology, Quantum Matrix Technology.
  • HDR Brightness Optimizer captures every hidden detail in dark scenes with AI processing that learns the ambient lighting conditions both day and night.
  • Samsung Tizen OS, an operating system that allows access to the entertainment you want more than ever before.
  • FreeSync Premium Pro enhances the user experience to the utmost. When playing games, watching movies and other content that supports the HDR standard
  • Dolby Atmos immerses you in the sound of people and objects, immersing you in the real world.
  • Do not place the TV in areas subject to humidity and heavy dust.
  • Be careful when moving. or install a TV To prevent falls and damage.
  • If the product is found to be damaged or in an imperfect condition Stop using it immediately. and contact an expert technician.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • 4 x HDMI
  • 2 x USB
  • 1 x Composite
  • Wi-Fi 5
  • Bluetooth 5.2
What's in the box
  • Samsung QN90D Neo QLED Smart TV
  • SolarCell Remote
  • Power Cable
  • User Manual


Entertainment images that make you wow more than ever with Samsung QN90D Neo QLED 4K Smart TV

Experience the wow factor of the Samsung QN90D Neo QLED 4K Smart TV, elevating your entertainment even further with smooth movement. Wide Viewing Angle Experience the full power of AI with the NQ4 AI Gen2 processor for a stunning 4K experience that optimizes your content for maximum efficiency. Immerse yourself in a surround sound experience with Dolby Atmos, like being in a real situation. and enhanced gaming features provide smooth gameplay. With a luxurious design in a modern and sleek shape. Make your TV look beautiful from every angle. like a work of art Can easily connect between TV and smartphone. And easily access content from Netflix and Browser with buttons on the remote.

Experience the full power of AI in 4K
Samsung's AI-powered 4K processor creates one of the best 4K experiences. Our 4K AI Upscaling technology, powered by 20 AI neural networks, upscales content to near 4K picture quality. Our NQ4 AI Gen2 processor optimizes both video and audio to deliver a 4K experience, whether you're streaming OTT services, playing your favorite video games. or watch live sports broadcasts.
Neo Quantum HDR+
Extreme brightness and vivid colors in 4K Elevate your viewing enjoyment by experiencing extreme brightness combined with dynamic scenes in 4K resolution. Neo Quantum HDR+ will It's 2x brighter than Neo Quantum HDR, delivering an experience of more vivid colors at an unrivaled higher dynamic range.
Quantum Matrix Technology
The evolution of Neo QLED moves forward with Quantum Matrix Technology, which provides precise control of our proprietary Quantum Mini LED. Precise, ultra-fine lighting control delivers superb detail in both the darkest and brightest scenes.
Enjoy entertainment with the Samsung Tizen OS operating system.
Powered by Samsung Tizen OS with Live TV channels, manage your daily activities with Daily+, control smart home devices from your TV with SmartThings, all with Knox Security to help protect your privacy.
Smooth gameplay
Get motion clarity for your favorite gaming content. Bigger and wider TV screens in 21:9 and 32:9 ratios give you a wider viewing angle and an enhanced gaming experience. Boost your gaming performance with Game Bar to easily access game settings. Experience smooth gameplay with AI-powered auto-adjustment of settings and reduced stuttering and tearing. The screen by FreeSync Premium Pro delivers a true HDR gaming experience.
Superior sound
Samsung's new top speakers deliver a superior surround sound experience. When used in conjunction with Dolby Atmos with Active Voice Amplifier Pro, AI-powered audio enhancement technology helps keep conversations clear by analyzing background noise. sound clarity and surrounding noise to isolate sound from other sounds, and Adaptive Sound Pro optimizes sound to take into account the characteristics of both the room and your audio content.


Real Depth Enhancer Pro
Detects areas where a person's eyes normally focus and improves depth rendering accordingly. So you can enjoy realistic 3D images at home.
Auto HDR Remastering
It uses deep learning algorithms to remaster content by converting SDR content to HDR quality with brighter highlights. More vivid colors and clearer details.
Enjoy true-to-life colors according to PANTONE standards.
PANTONE Standards ensures accurate representation of 2,030 PANTONE colors and 110 newly added skin tones. You can now enjoy a more accurate and realistic viewing experience than ever before.
Built-in SmartThings center
With the SmartThings hub built into your TV, you can seamlessly connect and control Matter and HCA compliant smart devices. without using any additional equipment
Samsung Daily+
Samsung Tizen OS Daily+ helps you manage your daily activities and lifestyle easily and conveniently from your TV. Daily+ includes apps and services like SmartThings and Workspace.
SolarCell Remote
With a solar panel on the back that can be used for charging. So you no longer have to use environmentally friendly disposable batteries for your SolarCell Remote.