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Double Door Refrigerator (9 Cubic, Black DOI) RT25FGRADB1/ST

Double Door Refrigerator (9 Cubic, Black DOI) RT25FGRADB1/ST

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Product specification
  • Consistently cool, durable, more energy-saving
  • MoistFresh Zone channels keep freshness longer.
  • Save energy beyond your expectations with Digital Inverter Compressor.
  • Premium design Suitable for all kitchen styles
  • Energy Grade 5 ??


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About the Product

Product Details


  • Adjustable cooling capacity up to 5 types
  • helps to maintain the temperature more continuously
  • MoistFresh Zone keeps fruits and vegetables fresh all the time.
  • Easy Slide shelves have swivel hinges.
  • Cool Pack inside the freezer Helps keep cool even when the power goes out for 8 hours.


  • Do not place the refrigerator in a wet location. or places where water or rainwater may splash
  • Do not insert your hand into the bottom of the refrigerator.
  • Open the vent, close - open in the cabinet. or installed in the cabinet out and keep the wind open
  • Do not use mechanical devices or other means. speed up the process Defrost other than those recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Be careful not to damage the cooling circuit.
  • Do not use electrical appliances in the food compartment. The exception is the type of electrical appliance recommended by the manufacturer.

Samsung Double Doors Refrigerator RT25FGRADB1/ST -  Keep food fresh,  cool, durable, more energy-saving.


Always on, always reliable

smart, durable technology of Samsungs new refrigerators delivers long-lasting performance.




digital inverter compressor Backed by a 10-year warranty
Samsung digital inverter compressor can adjust up to 5 different cooling powers based on humidity levels and usage patterns. Different from conventional compressors that work alternately and rest all the time. thus helping to maintain a more consistent temperature Reduces compressor wear for more durability and reduce noise to a minimum




Moist Fresh Zone
Compartment Samsungs MoistFresh Zone is a cleverly designed drawer that holds apples and cucumbers. including other fruits and vegetables properly Helps maintain freshness for longer. A tight seal prevents moisture from escaping when humidity is low. And the vent will let excess moisture out when the humidity level is too high.








Easy Slide
shelf with rotating hinges. can be pulled out to increase efficiency in organizing things and increase the convenience of accessing the food you want And youll find what youve stored inside.








Big Guard Shelf 
the shelf is deeper than the door shelf in a typical refrigerator. Increase the convenience of storing beverages. So you can store large milk and juice bottles by the door. This includes two rows of cans and beverage bottles. The Big Guard shelf is also great for storing tall cold beverage bottles.




Cool Pack Cool Pack
In the event of a power outage or the power, the plug is pulled inside the freezer the Cool Pack will keep food frozen for hours even when there is no power. It also keeps the freezer cool for up to 8 hours, so food doesnt melt or spoil.




deodorizing filter
The deodorizing filter is made of Activated Carbon to reduce bad odors. make the air clean and fresh and preserve the taste of food longer

Samsung Double Doors Refrigerator (9.1 Cubic , Black) RT25FGRADB1/ST

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