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4 Door Refrigerator Inverter (17.2 Cubic, Silver) RF48A4000M9/ST

4 Door Refrigerator Inverter (17.2 Cubic, Silver) RF48A4000M9/ST

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Product specification
  • Twin Cooling
  • Stylish Front LED Display
  • Power Freeze, Power Cool
  • Digital Inverter Compressor


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About the Product

Product Details


  • Twin Cooling: Independent upper-bottom cooling system
  • Modern design temperature control panel. Easy to control refrigerator temperature.
  • keep food fresh with cooling mode


  • Please study the manual before use.
  • Should not be placed in an area where the temperature is too high.
  • Should not be placed in a location with high humidity
  • should be moved with caution Especially lifting up-down stairs to prevent damage.
  • If an abnormality is found in use, turn off the power and unplug it. Then contact a qualified technician for corrective action.

SAMSUNG Multidoor Refrigerator RF48A4000M9/ST

SAMSUNG 4 Doors Refrigerator (17.2 Cubic, Silver) RF48A4000M9/ST - dimension


  • Twin Cooling : independent cooling system top-bottom Fresh innovation with 1 compressor, 2 cooling coils and 2 fans, so the temperature is always cool. It helps to maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables up to 2 times more than in general and reduce the problem of mixed smell between the freezer and the refrigerator.
  • Stylish Front LED Display : Modern design temperature control panel. Control the refrigerator temperature easily with the LED control panel.
  • Power Freeze, Power Cool : keep food fresh with cooling mode

Twin Cooling Plus
The temperature and humidity in the
refrigerator and freezer can be adjusted
with independent refrigeration systems.
Twin Cooling Plus keeps food in optimum
condition while retaining its original flavor
by preventing odors from mixing. 
This allows
perishable food in the freezer to stay juicy
and fresh thanks to its high humidity.

Sleek modern design
Give your home an elegant, futuristic look.
This simple yet contemporary design features
a sleek minimalist refrigerator flat lid with
a concave opening handle. The refrigerator
also features a stylish front LED display.

So you can easily access functions and
monitor the status of the refrigerator.


Power Cool / Power Freeze
Convenience with fast cooling efficiency
With just one touch, the Power Cool blows
strong cold air into the refrigerator
compartment. To quickly chill your favorite
food or drink Power Freeze 
Allows cold air
to flow quickly into the freezer. which is
ideal for freezing and making ice

Fresh Zone
Preserving the freshness and flavor of fresh
fruits and vegetables for longer. The Fresh
Zone is a well-designed drawer with a divider
that creates an ideal environment for storing
perishable food. Moreover 
Fresh Zone continually
detects and adjusts the humidity level in the
drawer to maintain the optimum humidity level.


removable ice maker
This ensures you have plenty of ice in the
summer. Make tons of ice with a single twist
on the removable ice maker. But when
the seasons change and you dont need
as much ice as before. You can just remove
the ice maker. 
to increase the space in
the freezer

no ice
No more time and energy spent on defrosting.
No Frost technology enhances air circulation
with multiple air chambers that prevent ice
Cooling as needed by enhancing
the airflow that reduces the workload of the
cooling system.


SAMSUNG 4 Doors Refrigerator (17.2 Cubic, Silver) RF48A4000M9/ST

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