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Microwave (800W, 23L) MG23K3575AS/ST

Microwave (800W, 23L) MG23K3575AS/ST

Product specification
• Capacity (liters): 23
• System (knob / touch): knob, touch
• Wave System: GRILL / Heated &Grill
• Power (Watt): 800
• Automatic defrosting: Yes
• heat setting (level): 6



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About the Product

Product Details

The kitchen is not difficult. SAMSUNG Microwave (23 liters, 800 watts) MG23K3575AS / ST Ready to answer all the needs of housewives loves cooking fast and complete.

Heat Wave Grill
Samsung Heat Wave Grill system prepares perfectly grilled food. Its triangulated Heat Technology uses a grill, heat reflector and fan-circulated hot air to cook quickly and evenly.

SAMSUNG Microwave (23 liters, 800 watts) MG23K3575AS / ST

Browning Plus
The browning plus function achieves the ideal texture and color for your food, so it looks and tastes delicious. It increases the cooking time by 30s to brown and crisp the food exquisitely with the grill heater.

Keep Warm
If you’re preparing lots of dishes, the Keep Warm function keeps everything at the proper temperature without over-cooking, using a grill heater. So it stays warm and tasty like freshly cooked food – ready to serve.

Quick Defrost
The Quick Defrost function defrosts food rapidly and evenly. Its automatic defrost algorithm calculates the correct defrosting time for 5 common food types, so it takes much less time to prepare ingredients.

SAMSUNG Microwave (23 liters, 800 watts) MG23K3575AS / ST

The Durable Ceramic Inside? is easy to keep clean and scratch-free. Its smooth surface can be cleaned without scrubbing and won’t discolor over time. It’s highly rust and scratch-resistant, so it lasts longer.

Pre-programmed Recipes
With a wide variety of pre-programmed local recipes, you can create any of the dishes with the simple touch of a button, saving time on preparing meals.

ECO Mode
Eco Mode saves more power in standby by turning off the display when the microwave is not in use. With a push of a button, you’ll save money, power, and the environment.

SAMSUNG Microwave (23 liters, 800 watts) MG23K3575AS / ST

Product Features
• Capacity (liters): 23
• System (knob/touch): knob, touch
• Wave System: GRILL / Heated & amp; Grill
• Power (Watt): 800
• Automatic defrosting: Yes
• heat setting (level): 6
• Dimensions (cm): 48.9x27.5x39.2
• Cooking Time (Minutes): 99
• Weight (kg): 13
• Other: LED display technology accelerates defrosting. Change from frozen food to fresh food in less than 3 minutes. Heat technology to keep food at the right temperature, eliminate the problem of cold food because it left at room temperature (KEEP WARM) inside ceramic coating.

Samsung Microwave (800W,23L) MG23K3575AS/ST

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