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Air Conditioner WindFree? Copper 12000 BTU Inverter AR13CYHAAWKN

Air Conditioner WindFree? Copper 12000 BTU Inverter AR13CYHAAWKN

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Product specification
  • Size (BTU specified on the energy saving label): 12000
  • For room size (sq.m.): 10-18
  • INVERTER system: Yes
  • Specify BTU range: 4,500 - 14,000
  • Energy saving label (star rating): 0
  • Size (cm): 82.00 W x 29.90 H x 21.50 D
  • SEER energy saving efficiency:16
  • TIS(Yes/No):2134-2010
  • Refrigerant:R32
  • Up and down swing system: Yes
  • Left-right swing system: Yes
  • Automatic wind power adjustment: Yes
  • Cooling System: Yes
  • Eco Mode: Yes
  • Humidity control system: Yes
  • Sleep Mode: Yes
  • Air purification system: Yes
  • Air filter: Yes
  • Set the time to close / open (hours): 24

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About the Product

Product Details


  • WindFree™ Cooling, cool and comfortable, the wind does not clash
  • Electricity cost 8,672 baht/year, supports ECO Mode, uses less energy.
  • Anti-Bacterial Cu Filter filters dust and bacteria.
  • Digital Inverter Boost Technology                                                                 


  • Do not use benzene, thinner, polish, or chemical dust removers.
  • Do not wash the device with water. as it may cause electric shock
  • Do not touch the aluminum fins as this may cause injury.
  • Clean the indoor unit and remote control with a damp cloth.
  • Before cleaning, turn off the main switch and turn off the circuit breakers.

Air Conditioner Samsung WindFree™ Copper

With advanced technology and modern design The Samsung WindFree™ Copper Air Conditioner keeps the air cool and fresh in your home or office. The innovative WindFree™ cooling system distributes cool air evenly. Eliminate discomfort from direct airflow. Say goodbye to annoying cold wind. and enjoy a more satisfying cooling experience.

Cool and comfortable with WindFree™ Cooling
The wind doesnt hit you all the time with WindFree™ Cooling that helps distribute cool air gently and quietly through 23,000 small holes, so you dont feel too cold from the cool wind hitting your skin. It also has an advanced airflow system. and also helps to cool more widely and throughout the room than before Plus it uses 77% less energy than Fast Cooling.

Sleep well through the night Ready to save energy WindFree™ Good Sleep
Sleep comfortably every night with WindFree™ Good Sleep mode that helps create the most comfortable atmosphere in the room. Without the cold wind that might wake you up Ready to control the temperature with WindFree™ Cooling to help you fall asleep quickly. Sleep soundly and comfortably and feel fully rested when you wake up.

Fast Cooling
Cools the entire room, every nook and cranny quickly. With Digital Inverter technology that can cool 43% faster than before. It also comes with a modern design. The blade size is 15% larger, the air channel is 18% wider, and the wind direction blades are 31% wider, allowing cool air to spread farther and wider than before, up to 15 meters.                                                                                                                                                       

Copper Anti-bacterial Filter
The first filter filters dust and bacteria and is easy to remove and clean. Keeping your air conditioner running efficiently is easy with an antibacterial copper filter on the outside at the top. Can be easily removed for cleaning. The filters dense mesh keeps the heat exchanger clean. Filter material made from copper helps filter bacteria up to 99%.

Feel cool Fresh and hygienic 3-step Auto Clean
Keep the inside of the air conditioner clean without doing anything. The built-in 3-step automatic cleaning function keeps the heat exchanger dry. By expelling moisture by blowing air for 10-30 minutes.

Digital Inverter Boost
Digital Inverter Boost technology that is highly energy efficient and can maintain the desired temperature steadily Moreover The technology also comes with powerful magnets and a noise reduction device. It can work efficiently while reducing noise and vibration. Including saving energy up to 73%

Save electricity bills with an efficient cooling mode.
Save energy but still stay cool with ECO Mode. Helps save energy. This mode uses less compressor work compared to normal mode. which consumes less power Makes you feel cool more effectively when the outside air is not too hot. Or help you save energy and money anytime. So you dont have to worry about electricity bills anymore.

Anti-corrosion, more durable
Stay cool for longer with DuraFin+, made from corrosion-resistant materials. This is considered to help maintain the proper performance of the outdoor unit. Its corrosion resistance is certified by a salt spray test (SST) for up to 480 hours.

Triple protection system protects the compressor and circuit board for more durability.
Longer durability even in the most challenging environments With Triple Protector Plus technology that prevents compressors and circuit boards from overloading. due to power surges or being damaged by voltage fluctuations. It is also designed to be highly durable with an anti-corrosion coating. makes the hot coil panel free from rust corrosion even in challenging weather conditions and hard work

R32 refrigerant
Our air conditioners use the new generation R32 refrigerant, which preserves the ozone layer and has less impact on global warming compared to common R22 or R410A refrigerants, making our air conditioners even more environmentally friendly.

Distributes coolness to every corner of the room.
Cool in every corner of the room with a 4-way Swing function that allows you to control the cooling direction remotely and allows you to choose to cool or not cool in the position you want. In addition to the up-down swing, there is also the swing. left-right automatic This is to ensure that the air is distributed evenly to every corner of the room.

Enjoy cool comfort without noise.
Keep the living room cool and comfortable without noise. So you can relax without distractions. With the Twin Tube Muffler, the compressor creates powerful air flow with quiet operation. Helps reduce the sound of refrigerant flowing while the air conditioner is operating at high speed. while reducing other noise while operating at low speeds

Samsung Air Conditioner WindFree™ Copper 12000 BTU Inverter AR13CYHAAWKN

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