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Side by Side Refrigerator (22.4 Cubic) RS64R5131B4/ST

Side by Side Refrigerator (22.4 Cubic) RS64R5131B4/ST

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Product specification
  • Capacity (cubic): 22.4
  • Capacity (liters): 635
  • Cooling system: ALL-AROUND COOLING
  • Cold Distribution System: DIGITAL INVERTER COMPRESSOR
  • Odor removal system: DEODORIZER FILTER
  • Temperature control panel: POWER FREEZE, POWER COOL
  • Machine size (cm): H178.00 x W91.20 x D61.00
  • Automatic ice making system: AUTO ICE
  • Shelf type: Tempered glass
  • Drinking water system: Yes
  • Weight (kg): 109
  • Color: BLACK
  • Save fiber 5: Yes
  • Power (Watts): 150
  • Movable castors: None



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About the Product

Product Details


  • The All-around Cooling system ensures that your food is cooled evenly. no matter which corner of the refrigerator is soaked
  • Samsungs Digital Inverter compressors last longer and save up to 50% more energy than before.
  • Metal Cooling vents on the back wall of the refrigerator help maintain the internal temperature at the optimum level.

  • Please study the manual before use.
  • Should not be placed in an area where the temperature is too high.
  • Should not be placed in a location with high humidity
  • ground wire should be installed to prevent hazards caused by electricity
  • should be moved with caution Especially lifting up-down stairs to prevent damage.
  • If an abnormality is found in use, turn off the power and unplug it. Then contact a qualified technician for corrective action.

Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Increase the soaking area with a more beautiful exterior style

SpaceMax ? technology
Collect more food with more space. With the unique SpaceMax ? technology, which makes the wall of the refrigerator thinner with the use of high-performance insulators, so the refrigerator has more interior space without having to expand outside or lose energy efficiency.

Maintain the freshness of all kinds of food.
All-around cooling system Rest assured that your food will be thoroughly cold. Regardless of the corner of the refrigerator, the All-around Cooling system continuously monitors the temperature and blows cold air. Every corner of the refrigerator is thoroughly cool. Making it possible to maintain the freshness of food longer than before


Keep longer and save 50% more energy.
Samsungs Digital Inverter compressor is both longer-lasting and saves up to 50% more energy than conventional compressors, which can directly adjust the speed in response to the cooling needs at different levels, thereby reducing wear and tear on Compressor down Resulting in 21 years of endurance *

* Received a 21-year durability certificate from the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies Association, Germany (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker - VDE) **

Maintain coolness for long-lasting freshness.
Keep food fresh, no matter how often you open the refrigerator. Metal cooling vents at the back wall of the refrigerator help maintain the internal temperature to a reasonable level. Which the ventilator helps to keep cool and prevent loss of cool air when opening the refrigerator lid And helps to restore the lost temperature quickly when closing the refrigerator door again

Design that fits your home and looks stylish.
Sleek & Seamless design Make your home look stylish, modern in style. The design that looks modern and fits seamlessly with the kitchen counter will make the size of the refrigerator look harmoniously with electrical appliances and cabinets in the kitchen. Moreover, The refrigerator also comes with a beautiful flat door and a concave door handle that does not protrude.

Chilled and frozen quickly
Convenient with fast cooling efficiency Just one touch, the Power Cool can blow strong cold air into the freezer. To cool your favorite food or drink quickly and also have a Power Freeze that helps cool air flowing quickly to the freezer Which is especially suitable for freezing and making ice

Eliminate foul odor to preserve the natural flavor of food.
Deodorizing Filter Keep the inside of the refrigerator free of odors and retain the original flavor and aroma of the food. The longer the deodorizing filter of the natural fiber refrigerator helps to eliminates the strong odor continuously while the air flows through the activated carbon filter. So you dont have to find a way to get rid of other types of stinking headaches anymore.

Keep vegetables and fruits more easily.
The large Vege Box provides ample space for fresh fruits and vegetables. And because the area is very wide Therefore very easy to find items that are Because it is placed in one place that is easily accessible You can use more without hurting other areas in the kitchen.

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Samsung  RS64R5131B4/ST

Electricity cost per year + Energy Saving Label No.5 (Star) there may be changes. Can check at https://www.powerbuy.co.th/th/page/labelno5