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Double Door Refrigerator (7.3 Cubic, Metal Graphite) RT20HAR1DSA/ST

Double Door Refrigerator (7.3 Cubic, Metal Graphite) RT20HAR1DSA/ST

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Product specification
  • Consistently cool, durable, more energy-saving
  • Save energy beyond your expectations with Digital Inverter Compressor.
  • Minimalistic design, elegant, perfect with any decor.
  • Energy Grade 5 ??



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About the Product

Product Details

Always work, always trustworthy Samsungs durable smart refrigeration technology delivers long-lasting performance.



Inverter digital compressor With a 10-year warranty
Samsungs digital compressor inverter offers 7 levels of speed to meet different cooling needs. Unlike traditional compressors that work alternately, take breaks all the time. So it works smoothly, reduces wear, and increases durability. And reduce noise And youll be at ease with reduced electricity bills and a 10-year warranty.

Moist Fresh Zone
Samsungs MoistFresh Zone is a cleverly designed drawer. It supports the storage of perishable foods properly. Keeps fresh longer. Strong seals prevent moisture from falling off when humidity is low. And the vents release excess moisture when the moisture level is too high.

Samsung Double Doors Refrigerator (7.4 Cubic) RT20HAR1DSA/ST -1
Cool Pack
In the event of a power outage or the removal of the Cool Packs in the freezer, the food stays frozen for hours, even when there is no electricity. It also keeps the freezer cool for up to 8 hours, so the food does not melt or spoil.

Easy Slide Shelf
Opening the refrigerator often. Means to overcome the various foods. On the way, but Easy Slide has a swivel hinge. Can pull out To increase the efficiency of organizing things. And increase the ease of access to the food you need. Then you will discover what you have stored at the innermost.

Big Guard Shelves
The Big Guard shelves are deeper than the door shelves in conventional refrigerators. Add convenience to store beverages. You can store bottles of milk and fruit juice at the door. In addition, the Big Guard rack is also suitable for storing bottles of cool drinks.


Samsung RT20HAR1DSA/ST

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