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Double Door Refrigerator (19.9 Cubic, Black Inox) RT62K7350BS/ST

Double Door Refrigerator (19.9 Cubic, Black Inox) RT62K7350BS/ST

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Product specification
  • Cool Select Plus+ intelligent temperature-adjustable freezer
  • Power Freeze/Power Cool, accelerating cooling mode
  • 5 SMART CONVENTION MODE intelligent cooling switch system
  • Anti-Bacteria Protector



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About the Product

Product Details

Samsung Double Doors Refrigerator model RT62K7350BS / ST refrigerator design With full function. The price is proprietary.

Remain fresh and moisture throughout the refrigerator.
Only Twin Cooling Plus ? creates the right environment for keeping food fresh in the refrigerator with 70% moisture compared to 30% in the old TMF refrigerator, keeping the ingredients fresh for longer. Without drying
The food is tasty, tasteless, odorless.
Twin Cooling Plus ? cooling system The refrigerator is separated. To prevent unwanted odors from escaping into the frozen section. Therefore, frozen foods retain their traditional flavor.
Did you buy too much? Do not worry about storage space!
Spacious interior Up to 620 liters of space, SpaceMax ? technology increases internal space without increasing the size. So you can easily store and find the food you buy each week.


5 conversion modes available.
Provides maximum flexibility in storage. Convert the freezer into a freezer. To keep all the fresh food you want to store for various reasons. Or special occasions. Or switch to off mode * to save power. Depends on the specification.
Make ice and cold drinks.
Spread dense cool air to cool or freeze. Just tap the Power Cool button to make food and drinks cool quickly while Power Freeze is perfect for freezing or making frozen foods harder and ice-free.


Refrigerate or freeze foods with a single tap.
CoolSelect Plus offers maximum flexibility in storage. The food is so fresh. At the touch of a button. It can be changed from a freezer to a freezer by using the optimum temperature - 3 ? C, -5 ? C, or -12 ? C.


Work longer No noise And less power.
Digital Inverter Technology automatically adjusts the speed of the compressor. Based on 7-level cooling requirements, it uses less power, reduces noise, and reduces friction.
Organize and serve snacks easily.
Deli Tray Removable Tray has a compact design. Increase inefficiency. The "freezer space" is the perfect way to store snacks or freshly prepared ingredients and serve directly on the table.
Keep the air clean and fresh.
Anti-Bacterial Protector keeps the refrigerator clean and hygienic. The air is passed through the activated carbon filter so it is sterilized and deodorized continuously. While antibacterial nets help eliminate bacteria.
See all things inside clearly.
High-performance LEDs are sleeker and cooler and more energy-efficient than older models. It is located at the top and side. Illuminate every corner nicely. So you see everything more clearly.

Product Features

  • Doors / Dimensions: 2 doors / 19.9 cubic / 562 liters
  • Cooling system: INVERTER COMPRESSOR
  • Cold Distribution System: TWIN COOLING
  • deodorizing system: ANTI BACTERIA
  • Freezer capacity (liter): 162
  • Chilled water capacity (liter): 458
  • Dimensions (cm): 83.6 W x 186.2 H x 74.2 D
  • Defrost: NO FROST
  • Shelf Type: TEMPERED GLASS 3
  • Technology: 5SMART CONVENTION MODE Intelligent Cooling System
  • Color: BLACK INOX
  • Saving Fiber 5: Yes
  • Weight (kg): 95
  • Compressor warranty (year): 10
  • Electricity Charge Year (Baht):2051 


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