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Water Heater (4500W) Sento 450(S)

Water Heater (4500W) Sento 450(S)

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Product specification
  • Power Consumption (Watts): 4500
  • Safety system: ELCB cut off automatically.
  • When there is leakage
  • Internal power cut: 0.01 sec
  • Power Adjustment: Yes
  • HEATER made of material: copper pot
  • 1.0 mm thick
  • Temperature control: 90 degrees
  • Shower (Level): 5 Warranty Heater (Year): 5
  • Other: IP25 Water Inlet Protection



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About the Product

Product Details

Rinnai The Sento 450 (S) water heater comes with 4500 watts of power. It is stylishly designed with an acrylic cover and LED Illumination. Keep the temperature constant. Warm bath Enhanced with Error Code and Auto Power Off. When there is leakage Cut off when the temperature exceeds 90 ° C.

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