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Water Heater (6000W) DENKI 600MP

Water Heater (6000W) DENKI 600MP

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Product specification
  • Power (Watt): 6,000
  • Safety features: Circuit breaker with ELCB indicator
  • Heating element: Hyster is specially designed to heat 1.0 mm thick.
  • Warranty Heater (Year): 5
  • Slide Bar: Yes
  • 1 year warranty


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About the Product

Product Details

Rinnai Electric Water Heater guarantees you with highest safety as it comes with standardized safety and protection system for preventing short circuit and water accessing into major electronic components. With specially designed heat coil, Rinnai Electric Water Heater provides a highly efficient water heating system. The product also provides constant water heating effect as it is designed to efficiently block out any electromagnetic disturbance. Rinnai Electric Water Heater is not only highly durable but also energy-saving as guaranteed by the No.5 Label from the Ministry of Energy.

Water Heater Power 6,000W. Multi-Point deployment, Constant temperature control With electronics, The safest Ensure complete safety system., Waterproof protection with IP25, Copper heater series High heat resistance, 3 heat levels, Alarm system with Thermistor shock or lack, There is a warning system when grounding is wrong. 5 years heater warranty

Product Features

  • Power (Watt): 6,000
  • Safety system: break with breaker with ELCB indicator
  • Heater: Hyster is specially designed to heat up 1.0 mm thick.
  • Temperature control: ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL Keep the temperature constant.
  • Heater Warranty (Year): 5
  • Slide Bar: Yes
  • Other: Modern design, without the lid open. Space saving electrical equipment, 1 year warranty.

Rinnai DENKI 600MP

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