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Corded Landline Telephone (Mixed Color) CID 615
REACH Corded Landline Telephone (Mixed Color) CID 615
REACH Corded Landline Telephone (Mixed Color) CID 615

Corded Landline Telephone (Mixed Color) CID 615

Product specification
  • memory: 50 incoming call memory
  • Number of ringing tones: 16 voices
  • Warranty Machine (Year): 1
  • Others: music when you pause 
  • Talk without lifting
  • Adjust the ring volume.

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About the Product

Product Details

REACH The CID 615 is a beautifully designed phone made from quality materials. The design makes it easy to use. Large number keypad. The screen show status. Memory available: 50 memory. Suspension function with music. Can call without lifting. Adjust the ring volume. Has active indicator light. There are 16 different ring tones to choose.

Destination memory: 50 incoming call memories
Number of ring tones: 16 sounds
Machine Warranty (Year): 1
Others: music on hold / PAUSE / conversation function without picking up the ear
Adjust the ringing volume / last number redial
There is an active indicator light / call transfer button when used with a PABX to adjust.

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