Air Cleaning Coupon 2 time

Product specification
  • Cleaning of filter, coil, and fan coil unit
  • Cleaning of drainage pipe, tray, and blower set
  • Checking of bearing lubrication and fan balance
  • Cleaning of condensing unit
  • Checking of refrigerant and electrical system
  • Checking of the amount of refrigerant
  • Check the wind force of the air coil fan.

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About the Product

Product Details

Air Conditioner Cleaning Coupon
Air Conditioner Cleaning Service by Power Buy
// Details of Service //
Air conditioner cleaning service for wall-mounted and ceiling types from 9,000 – 24,000 BTU  
Service includes:
  1. Only for a customer in Bangkok and Vicinity
  2. Only for Wall Type 9,000-24,000 BTU Service 
  3. Only In the same house and at the same time
  4. For condominium residence, the service time is during 9:00-16.00 weekday only
**Service by certified technicians
// Terms and Conditions //
  • Cut the coupon and give it to the service technician, Air Cleaning warranty 30 days.
  • The coupon is valid within 2 years from the purchase date
  • Company reserves the right to change terms and conditions as appropriate 
  • You can call to schedule your air conditioner cleaning at Power Buy Contact Center 1324 every day from 8.00 – 24.00 
// Protect your health. Extend the life of your air conditioner. Reduce your electricity bill. //
// Protect Your Health //
The air conditioning system involves the regulation of humidity and temperature. Cool air produced by the air conditioner may contain more germs over time as the air is being recirculated in a closed environment. Therefore, it is recommended that air-con cleaning be done every 6 months for good health.
// Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner //
Air conditioner cleaning reduces dust and particles in its system and extends the life of the air conditioner itself.
// Reduce Your Electricity Bill //
Dirty filter and condenser coil cause the air compressor to work 10 – 27% harder. This may result in a 10% higher electricity bill. Therefore, regular air conditioner cleaning can help save your money.