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Solar Spotlights (6W, Grey) BVC080 LED9/765
PHILIPS Solar Spotlights (6W, Grey) BVC080 LED9/765
PHILIPS Solar Spotlights (6W, Grey) BVC080 LED9/765
PHILIPS Solar Spotlights (6W, Grey) BVC080 LED9/765

Solar Spotlights (6W, Grey) BVC080 LED9/765

Product specification
  • Product Type: Spotlight SOLAR PHILIPS BVC080 LED9/765 6W
  • Grey
  • For use: Used for lighting installations outside the building.
  • Material used: ABS plastic
  • Special Features: Solar cell spotlights use 100% solar energy, saving electricity bills. and environmentally friendly

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About the Product

Product Details


  • Floodlight solar system Standard quality from PHILIPS
  • Suitable for installation for spot lighting on the outside of the building.
  • The frame is made of ABS plastic, heat resistant, flexible.                                                                                                                                 


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Spotlight Solar 6W from Philips Model BVC080 LED9/765

Powerful floodlight that helps you save on electricity bills. And is also environmentally friendly with a solar cell system that converts solar energy into 100% light energy, automatically illuminates with daylight white light at night. With a special remote control that allows you to easily control on-off and choose up to 7 operating modes.

Solar spotlights use 100% solar energy to help save electricity bills. and is environmentally friendly, order to control on-off easy with remote control Ready to choose up to 7 usage modes, IP65 waterproof, dustproof, sun-resistant, rain-resistant, suitable for outdoor use as well 900 lumens daylight white light with 120 degree wide-angle lens.

With solar sensor system, turn on-off automatically, easy to install, lightweight, suitable for installation along the walkway, road or parking lot, LED lamp, power 6 watts, lifespan 25,000 hours, LiFePO4 type battery is safer than general Li-ion batteries. Color temperature 6500K, Color Rendering Rating (CRI) >70

Philips Solar Spotlights (6W, Grey) BVC080 LED9/765