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Air Fryer Digital (2200W, 8.3L, Black) HD9880/90

Air Fryer Digital (2200W, 8.3L, Black) HD9880/90

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Product specification
  • Capacity (liters): 8.3
  • Electrical power (watts): 2200
  • Functions: frying, baking, toasting, grilling
  • Cooking programs: 22
  • Coated with:Non stick
  • Adjustable temperature (degrees): 40-200
  • TIS:1641-2009
  • Rapid CombiAir technology, Wi-Fi connection, LED touch screen display



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About the Product

Product Details


  • Rapid CombiAir
  • Food thermometer
  • Automatic cooking program
  • Connect with NutriU
  • 22-in-1 cooking functions


  • Do not clean with corrosive chemicals.
  • Clean after use for hygiene.
  • Unplug when not in use.
  • Study the manual before starting use.

PHILIPS Air Fryer Digital (2200W, 8.3L, Black) HD9880/90 An assistant that allows anyone to cook delicious food like a chef, Airfryer + NutriU

We take all the complexity and guesswork out of cooking from start to finish. So there's no way the food will taste bad. The NutriU app connects to your Airfryer Combi to give you inspiration and recommendations. along with saving time as well

NutriU suggests ways to prepare a variety of healthy meals.

GUIDED COOKING: Create delicious, hassle-free meals by connecting your Airfryer Combi to the NutriU app. Show delicious recipes. full of inspiration and good for health Selected from all over the world These recipes are easy to replicate thanks to step-by-step instructions and exact settings. you want You can also upload your own recipes.

Rapid CombiAir technology cooks food the way you want it.

Taste: Imagine having food cooked to your liking all the time. There are so many recipes to discover, try and enjoy. This dream is a reality with Rapid CombiAir technology. The Airfryer Combi combined with NutriU automatically adjusts cooking time, temperature and air speed. Choose a low air level to sous vide steak. Cook steak on low heat for a long time and braise the meat, using high, low, and alternating airflow cooking. Open the possibility of making your food delicious, always soft on the inside and crispy on the outside at just the right level.

Automatic cooking program provides recommendations for best results.

Tips all the way through: Philips' new Auto Cook program takes the stress out of cooking in a hurry. It will recommend how to do it for you seamlessly for the best results. Just select the ingredients and set the quantities. Then leave it up to the Airfryer Combi.