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Steam Generator ( 3100 W) PSG9050/20

Steam Generator ( 3100 W) PSG9050/20

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Product specification
  • Iron the clothes smoothly
  • without wasting energy. 
  • Excellent results
  • ActiveSense technology
  • Guaranteed no burns *
  • Lightweight iron
  • Special steam power up to 750 g.



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About the Product

Product Details

Philips PerfectCare PSG9050/20 -1

The Philips PerfectCare PSG9050 / 20 steam iron comes with the worlds first fabric sensing technology, ActiveSense, using a built-in camera and AI. The iron will know what you are ironing. And adjust the appropriate temperature and steam volume for perfect results

  • Iron the clothes smoothly, without wasting energy. Excellent results
  • ActiveSense technology
  • Guaranteed no burns *
  • Lightweight iron
  • Special steam power up to 750 g.

The only steam generator that can know what you are ironing
ActiveSense technology recognizes fabric from cameras and artificial intelligence.


Adjust settings automatically
The iron will adjust the temperature and steam amount for great results on all fabrics.


Intelligent automatic steam for quick and easy ironing
Our DynamiQ smart sensors are well aware of how and when the iron moves. Giving you the most powerful steam power when you need it most. For easier and faster ironing


Powerful steam power for ultimate crease removal
Continuous and powerful steam power can easily handle even the thickest fabrics. Then gradually watched the wrinkles difficult to iron Disappear with the extra steam power that can be used immediately when you need it


Guaranteed to not burn marks on all ironable garments
With a quick cooling system, We guarantee that this iron will not cause burns on all ironable fabrics when the iron is left. You can leave the iron on your clothes or on the ironing board.


Lightweight iron is suitable for vertical steam ironing.
The iron that is remarkably light and easy to hold. Easy to iron and reduce the burden on the wrist. The low weight also makes vertical steaming easier for vertical steaming of curtains and hanging clothes.

แท้งค์น้ำแบบถอดได้ขนาดใหญ่ 1.8 ล. เพื่อให้เติมน้ำได้ง่าย

1.8l large removable water tank for easy refilling
The 1.8-liter clear water tank allows you to use continuously for up to 2 hours when the water in the tank is depleted. You will be alerted by signal lights and you can easily refill anytime from the tap into the large water inlet.

แผ่นความร้อน SteamGlide Elite ที่รีดลื่นสุดยอดและทนทาน

Super smooth and durable SteamGlide Elite soleplate
SteamGlide Elite is our best sole. For the ultimate gliding performance and maximum scratch resistance, A stainless steel base that is twice as hard as conventional aluminum bases and our 6-layer coating with our state-of-the-art titanium layer allow it to be easily glided onto the fabric for the fastest results.

Easy De-calc Plus

Easy de-calc plus
Regular descaling helps protect your iron. Extend the service life And helps to get the best steam performance. Our specially designed Easy De-Calc Plus system continuously detects plaque and has sound and light signals to alert you when it needs to be poured out. Just pull the plug and let the water and scale particles flow out.


Safe carry-on lock button for safe and easy portability
Tightly lock your iron to the base for easy lifting around the home. And reduces the risk of touching the soleplate


Automatic shut-off when the iron is left unattended
The automatic safety shut-off function helps to turn off the steam generator iron if not used in a couple of minutes. Which helps save energy and peace of mind


Sound absorption technology
The sound filter reduces the sound from steam generation to a minimum. Therefore, our powerful steam iron will not make noise to television, music or family. 

Philips PerfectCare PSG9050/20 -2


Philips PerfectCare PSG9050/20 

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