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Steam Generator (2400W, 1.1L) HI5920/20

Steam Generator (2400W, 1.1L) HI5920/20

Product specification
  • Power (watts): 2400
  • Extra steam power (grams per minute): 110
  • Continuous steam power (grams per minute): 300
  • Water tank capacity (liters): 1.1
  • Adjustable steam level (level): 1
  • The front of the stove is coated with a substance: ceramic.
  • Size (cm): 27.00 x 36.20 x 26.30
  • Vertical Ironing: Yes
  • TIS:366-2004
  • Long wire (meter): 1.6
  • Anti-drip system: Yes
  • Descaling system: Yes
  • Automatic shutdown system: Yes
  • Steam pressure: 5.2 bar



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About the Product

Product Details


  • Maximum pump pressure 5.2 bar
  • Detachable water tank, 1.1 liter capacity
  • Steam boost system 300 grams                                                                                                                         


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Steam Generator 2400W 5.2 bar PHILIPS Model HI5920/20

This steam generator iron will make your ironing experience faster. With powerful continuous steam and more convenient with a large capacity removable water tank. Includes descaling container — no cartridge required There are no additional costs. Built-in descaling system The Smart Calc Clean system notifies you when you need to descale.

Comes with a descaling container for easy descaling. This eliminates the need for cartridges and no additional costs. Lightweight and compact for easy use and storage. Lightweight and compact for easy use and storage. Its light weight and compact size make it ideal for storage and fits comfortably on your ironing board. Our unique ProVelocity technology makes our steam generator even more compact. and more compact than ever. Ceramic soleplate for durability and easy gliding. Ceramic soleplate for durability and easy gliding. Our durable ceramic soleplate glides smoothly over clothing, is non-stick, scratch-resistant, and easy to keep clean. Powerful steam for ultimate crease. removal. Powerful steam for removing creases

Continuous and powerful steam can easily treat even the thickest of fabrics. Then watch the wrinkles that are difficult to iron gradually. Disappear with extra steam power thats available when you need it. This extra steam power is ideal for vertical steaming to refresh clothes and curtains as well. 1.1 liter detachable water tank 1.1 liter detachable water tank The water tank can be removed to allow refilling under the tap. Large water inlet allows for quick water refills. With a 1.1 liter water tank capacity, you can iron for up to 2 hours continuously without adding water. Automatic power-off mode when the iron is left unattended Automatic power-off mode when the iron is left unattended.

Steam Boiler Iron 2400W 5.2 Bar PHILIPS Model HI5920/20