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SSD Viper VP4300 PCI-e m.2 GEN4 x4 (1TB) E00113VP4300-1TBM28H

SSD Viper VP4300 PCI-e m.2 GEN4 x4 (1TB) E00113VP4300-1TBM28H

Product specification
  • Product type:SSD
  • Material: PCB / ALUMINUM
  • Special Features:Read 7400MB/s Write 5500MB/s
  • PCle Gen 4x4 withDramCache
  • High-speed controller
  • For Play station 5
  • Others:with Heatshield

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About the Product

Product Details


  • Gaming SSD with superior performance
  • Ready for AMD Ryzen? 5000 Series Processors
  • Two types of heat shields are available: Aluminum heat sinks. and graphene cooling panels
  • Heat control technology
  • Working temperature: 0 ~ 70?C


  • Actual performance may vary due to available SSD capacity, system hardware and software components, and other factors.
  • The SSD is based on the TBW or Warranty period.

Patriot SSD Viper VP4300 PCI-e m.2 GEN4 x4

Evolutionarily built with the cutting-edge PCIe Gen4 x4 NVMe controller, the Viper VP4300 gaming solid-state drive pushes expectations with incredibly high-speed read and write transfers. Suitable for all gamers and technology enthusiasts.

With a DDR4 DRAM cache, the VP4300 Gaming SSD offers higher latency compared to PCIe Gen3 x4 SSDs, resulting in significantly faster startup times. Delivering superior reliability for demanding tasks and action-packed games, VP4300 is the best choice for serious gamers.

Designed with a best-in-class heat sink design, the VP4300 Series features two new low-profile heat sinks. Users can choose between a unique and asymmetrical aluminum heat sink design. It gives users a state-of-the-art structure. Or use a disposable graphene heat sink to ensure excellent heat dissipation. To avoid overheating in narrow spaces.

Patriot SSD Viper VP4300 PCI-e m.2 GEN4 x4 (1TB) E00113VP4300-1TBM28H