Water Heater (3800W) DH-3US1TW

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Product specification
  • Power (watts): 3800
  • Safety system type: 9 safety points
  • Internal power cut (seconds): 0.005
  • Heater type: copper boiler
  • Boiler model: electric
  • HEATER made of material: copper
  • Dimensions (cm.) 38.00 H x 21.00 W x 7.80 D
  • Temperature control system: Earth Leakage Breaker (ELB)
  • Maximum water temperature (degrees): 42



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About the Product

Product Details


  • Feel the soft and comfortable water.
  • 9 Safety Features

  • Prevent danger from fire and electric shock.

  • anti bacterial



  • Do not clean with abrasive chemicals.
  • Do not unpack or repair by yourself. Contact a specialist when you need help.
  • Install the ground wire before starting.
  • Study the information before use.

Panasonic Water Heater (3800W) DH-3US1TW Take a shower with peace of mind. Panasonics U Series comes with 9 safety features that help prevent electric shock, fire and burns. The water heater panel is splash-proof to protect the components inside. while the Ag+ Crystal material prevents bacteria growth for a more worry-free bathing experience.

Prevent danger from fire and electric shock.

for maximum safety We have developed technologies and designs that can prevent many dangers such as water and heat resistance. Including protection against fire, burns and electric shock.

Anti bacterial

Points of common contact, especially shower heads. One-touch on/off switch, filter and control buttons are made of Ag+ Crystal material to prevent bacteria.

Easily change the water flow from the shower by twisting the lever to the left or right with one hand.
The enhanced design of the shower head creates a shower sensation that feels good on the skin. It comes with 3 different water sensations: “normal, wide, and dotted” for a spa-like bath at home.


The mixed spray provides a soft but refreshing touch for a gentle and relaxing shower.
Wash your body with soothing drops to wake up before your day begins.


A stream of powerful water from small droplets to purify your body from exhaustion. Even more relaxed at the end of a long day. so that your body is ready for rest

Total point

Integrated water injection that feels like a massage. Targeted water injections are ideal for relaxing muscles and areas of tension. This is great after a hard workout or on a stressful day.

Panasonic เครื่องทำน้ำอุ่น (3800 วัตต์) รุ่น DH-3US1TW