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Smart Watch (46 mm, Glossy Gold Case, Glossy Gold Band) Oppo Watch

Smart Watch (46 mm, Glossy Gold Case, Glossy Gold Band) Oppo Watch

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Product specification
  • Product type: OPPO SMART WATCH (WIFI)
  • Color: Glossy Gold
  • For : wrist
  • Warranty (year): 1




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About the Product

Product Details

OPPO Watch Series Keep Up. Keep in Touch.

Cant bring your phone along? No problem. OPPO Watch can keep you connected through an eSIM. Whether youre running, swimming, or in a meeting, you’ll never miss an important call again.Epic screens arent just for flagship phones anymore. OPPO Watch is dressed to impress, with a dual-curved flexible AMOLED screen, crisp image quality, and colors that pop. A 3D curved back design keeps your watch looking good from different angles. For a personal twist, fill the background with a picture of your choice.

*OPPO Watch 46mm (including LTE and Wi-Fi version) have a 1.91-inch flexible AMOLED dual-curved screen. OPPO Watch 41mm (Wi-Fi) has a 1.6-inch rigid AMOLED screen.

It Tells the Time,and Maximizes Your Time.
Load up on time-saving features with Wear OS by Google?. Track your health and fitness, check the weather, and stay up-to-date with smart info management tools. Instead of wondering where the time went, youll wonder how you got so much done.

*Message replies are only available when OPPO Watch is paired with an Android phone.

Make Every Step Count.
OPPO Watch helps you get a strong sense of your workouts with real-time fitness tracking from Google Fit. In addition, it provides 5-Min Workout class series and real-time guidance in daily routine exercise modes to make it easier for you to get up and get moving.

Dual-Chip Endurance System for Up to 21-Day Use Time.
A dual-chip endurance system keeps your watch going strong for up to 36 hours to 21 days.Two endurance modes work together to maximize battery life, powered by the high-performance Qualcomm? Snapdragon Wear? 3100 and Ambiq Micros energy-efficient Apollo3 Wireless SoC. Whether youre on a long trip or just need to make it to the office, your watch can support you all the way.

An Exercise Buddy on Your Wrist.Strong Sensors. 50-Meter Water Resistance.
Track your runs, swims, bike rides, walks, and other activities with the five large exercise sensors on the back of your watch. GPS + GLONASS location services map your route, and 50-meter water resistance? protects your watch as you swim or brave the weather.

Work Out Without Stressing Out.
Dont always feel like working out? We get it. Thats why weve designed OPPO Watch to make exercise easier and help you get the most out of every moment.

HeyTap Health for Your Health Data and More
For easier viewing, you can sync OPPO Watchs exercise and health data to the HeyTap Health app on your phone. You can also use the app to manage your custom watch faces.

*HeyTap Health App can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

OPPO Smart Watch (46 mm, Glossy Gold Case, Glossy Gold Band) Oppo Watch

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