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Nintendo Fashion Dreamer game here in Eve's virtual world. All kinds of people share their unique fashion sense with each other! Eve is divided into four parts called cocoons. Discover modern roads and elevated walkways. Pop city landscape from the near future A dreamy fantasy world And a department store full of the latest fashion!

Explore the world of fashion using characters called Muses! Create up to four Muses. By changing the appearance of many different appearances with various customization options. You can update it in the salon area at any time. It depends on how you feel!

Step up your influencer game!
The first step to becoming a top influencer is to find other Muses who want friendly fashion advice and design clothes that you think will go well. Choose from your collection of fashion items or design clothes for them according to the latest Eve trends!

You can find new fashion products. Available in the pop-up area of each Cocoon or obtained from other Muses, getting items is easy. Just click "Like" on any item. That catches your attention! You don't have to worry about money or closet space here. So feel free to like as many fashion items as you want.