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Slide Fan 16 Inch (Pastel Blue) R16A-GB
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Slide Fan 16 Inch (Pastel Blue) R16A-GB
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Slide Fan 16 Inch (Pastel Blue) R16A-GB
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Slide Fan 16 Inch (Pastel Blue) R16A-GB
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Slide Fan 16 Inch (Pastel Blue) R16A-GB

Slide Fan 16 Inch (Pastel Blue) R16A-GB

Product specification
  • Type: Semi-tabletop floor fan
  • Propeller size (inches): 16
  • Adjust wind power (level): 3
  • Label No.5: Yes
  • TIS (Yes/No): Yes 934-2015

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About the Product

Product Details

  • 16-inch blades distribute air evenly.
  • New motor Sends air up to 13 meters further.
  • New design mask, strong, rust-free.
  • Easy to remove and clean
  • Increase safety with a thermal fuse and current fuse system.
  • Label No. 5 levels 5 stars
  • Pull out the power plug every time. Before disassembling the various parts
  • The fan should not be placed in areas with extremely high temperatures or in areas with humidity.
  • Do not turn on the fan near curtains or mosquito nets because the fan will suck such light materials into the machine.



Mitsubishi Electric R16A-GB New design fan Send more strong wind

A new design semi-tabletop fan in a minimalist style that comes with a powerful motor that sends wind power farther. Mitsubishi Electric model R16A-GB, a new motor that is durable, combining 2 features for the ultimate in efficiency. The wind is 30% stronger than before and sends air up to 13 meters farther. The newly designed mask grill is strong, durable, rust-free and can be removed for easy cleaning. There are many colors to choose from, beautiful and pleasing, meeting your needs and lifestyle.

New efficient motor
Durable, quiet and provides stronger wind than ever with Ball Bearing that will help the fan work more quietly. More power Can be used for a longer time with Close Motor, the most secure closing system. Prevents the spread of fire inside the motor in the event of a short circuit. Prevent dust and foreign objects from entering and causing damage. Therefore durable for every use.

Superior safety
Prevent electric shock with a 3-pin plug (ground wire) for added safety in the event of a leak or short circuit. Prevent the spread of fire With a steel box covering the switch There is a thermal fuse system to automatically cut off the power. When the motor temperature is too high and current fuse system In case of short circuit.