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Air Conditioner (12283 BTU, Inverter) MSY-KT15VF

Air Conditioner (12283 BTU, Inverter) MSY-KT15VF

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Product specification
  • Size (BTU specified in the energy saving label): 12,283
  • For room size (sqm): 14-18
  • INVERTER system: Yes
  • BTU range specified: 3071-12624
  • Save fiber 5 (star): 0
  • SEER Energy saving efficiency: 17.47
  • Product size (cm.): 83.80 W x 28.00 H x 23.50 D
  • Temperature control while sleeping: Yes
  • Humidity control system: Yes
  • Cooling system: Yes
  • Auto Restart: Yes
  • Set time off / on (hours): 12
  • Swing up and down system: Yes
  • Left and right swing system: No
  • Others: Error Code, PM 2.5 Filter, Nano Platinum Filter, Fast Cool, Quiet Mode

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About the Product

Product Details

Key Highlight

  • Inverter system saves energy
  • Can cool down quickly
  • Air filters can eliminate odors. and growth of bacteria
  • Able to work quietly without disturbing rest


  • Do not repair or replace the unit yourself.
  • If I do any abnormal operation, stop the machine.
  • Check that the ground wire is properly installed.
  • Read the instruction manual carefully.

Happy Inverter air conditioner from Mitsubishi Electric model MSY-KT13VF

Fresh air is ready to distribute coolness throughout the room. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner model MSY-KT13VF is an Inverter air conditioner, the most energy-saving system by reducing the cycle of the compressor to keep the temperature cool and precise, along with Nano Platinum Filter, an air filter that mixes platinum particles with a small nano level. Helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and odors. And more importantly, It also filters and detects particles as small as 2.5 microns (Optional)* in the air with an electric charge. For fresh air in your home as well

It also has Econo Cool to save 20% more energy, Powerful Cool that will help increase cooling power quickly. And if the machine has a malfunction You can easily use the Error Code to check the condition of the air conditioner by yourself. Just by pressing a button It is an air conditioner that is quite interesting. 

* Can be purchased at Mitsubishi Electric Kang Yong Wattana Company Limiteds authorized service centers nationwide

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning (12,283 BTU, Inverter) MSY-KT15VF

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