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Table Fan 18 Inch (Classy (Blue) R18A-GB CY-BL
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Table Fan 18 Inch (Classy (Blue) R18A-GB CY-BL

Product specification
  • Type:Semi-Desktop Floor Fan, 18 inch propeller size
  • Propeller size (inches): 18
  • Wind power adjustable (level): 3
  • RemoteControl: No
  • ThermoFuse System: Yes
  • Save Fiber 5: Yes
  • Size 54.60 x 29.60 x 87.80
  • Natural wind mode: no



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About the Product

Product Details

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Table Fan (18", Classy Blue) Model R18A-GB CY-BL

New design, stronger wind with a new design mask, minimal style Strong, rust-free, easy to remove and wash, new colors, beautiful, satisfying, answering every lifestyle that is you.

- 3-blade propeller
- 3 levels of wind power adjustable
- closed motor prevent dust and foreign things
- THERMAL FUSE automatically cuts off the power when the motor is overheated.
- CURRENT FUSE cuts off automatically when short circuit
- Add insulating wires to prevent the spread of fire.
- Added a steel box to cover the switch to prevent spread of fire.
- The structure of the fan neck has been changed to prevent fingers from being pinched.
- 3-pin plug with grounding to prevent electric shock in case of electric leakage.
- PREMIUM SAFETY standard uses non-flammable parts and safety equipment.
- Certified for quality and safety from the Office of Industrial Product Standards (TIS)