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Slide Fan 16 Inch (White) R16A-GB
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Slide Fan 16 Inch (White) R16A-GB
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Slide Fan 16 Inch (White) R16A-GB
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Slide Fan 16 Inch (White) R16A-GB

Slide Fan 16 Inch (White) R16A-GB

Product specification
  • Product Type: Slide Fan
  • Propeller size (inches): 16
  • Adjustable wind power (level): 3
  • RemoteControl: No
  • ThermoFuse system: Yes
  • Energy Saving Label No.5: Yes
  • Natural wind mode: No



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About the Product

Product Details


  • Slide fan, blade size 16 inch
  • The motor is highly efficient, durable, energy-saving.
  • thermal fuse system Cut off when the motor temperature is high.
  • There is a current fuse system to cut off the power automatically. When the current is over or short circuit


  • Do not use the fan if it is incomplete or damaged.
  • Do not modify or use in conjunction with non-standard equipment.
  • Dont activate it for too long. may cause the motor to burn out.
  • Do not allow small children to approach or use your fingers can be dangerous
  • Do not put it near high temperature or open flame.                                                                                                                          

Whats in the box

  • Slide fan Mitsubishi Electric Model R16A-GB White

Slide Fan, propeller size 16 inches, Mitsubishi Electric model R16A-GB

Mitsubishi Electric Model R16A-GB Slide Fan New design that produces more wind. with a new minimalist design mask Strong, rust-free, easy to remove, wash, new colors, beautiful, pleasing to meet every lifestyle that is you.

New! new motor
The machine is resistant, quiet, windy, stronger than ever, combining 2 features for the ultimate in efficiency.

  • Ball Bearing Helps the fan to run quieter. stronger wind power Activation lasts longer
  • CLOSE MOTOR (Closed System) The best of safety Prevent the spread of fire inside the motor in case of a short circuit. Prevent dust and foreign matter from damaging it, so it is durable for all uses.

Mitsubishi Electric Slide Fan (16", White) R16A-GB