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Flat Design Double Doors Refrigerator (7.3 Cubic, Silver) MR-FV22T

Flat Design Double Doors Refrigerator (7.3 Cubic, Silver) MR-FV22T

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Product specification
  • Size (cue): 7.3
  • Capacity (liters): 208
  • Cooling system: NO-FROST
  • Cooling System: Fan Cooling System
  • Defrosting system: FROST FREE
  • Freezer capacity (liters): 61
  • Chilled compartment capacity (liters): 147


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About the Product

Product Details


  • Size 7.3 cubic meters / capacity 208 liters
  • COMPESSOR COVER There is a compressor cover.
  • Long Life LEDs Illuminate every floor
  • Filter to eliminate unwanted odors without disturbing smell



  • Do not modify, modify or use in conjunction with non-standard equipment.
  • The temperature control switch of the refrigerator should be set appropriately for use.
  • Unplug from the outlet when cleaning. or moving the refrigerator
  • Avoid installing in areas with high heat. near flammable materials or wet place
  • Do not soak food in excessive amounts. because it may cause the cold to not spread thoroughly

Double Doors Refrigerator Mitsubishi Electric Flat Design MR-FV22T

Double Doors Refrigerator Mitsubishi Electric Flat Design MR-FV22T, is a refrigerator with a new design. Ready to add a luxurious shine in a way like no other. Perfect beauty and complete functions Indicate your unique style. With a 2-layer design cabinet lid with PCM coating, adding shine, and elegance, without handles, but still being able to conveniently open and close the door along the way freely as you wish.

  • Control panel inside the machine: works with MICRO COMPUTER system, precise temperature control.
  • Vegetable Compartment: Clear crystal vegetable storage box can be seen clearly. Large enough to put vegetables and fruits as you wish. Easy to slide in and out
  • Freezer compartment Unisil: Tray with cover slides in and out easily. with a lock to prevent the tray from falling out and can support a lot of weight to keep cool
  • Special-designed bottle holder: Large bottles can be placed next to the door. without the bottle falling
  • Freezer: With a large freezer Able to soak fish or soak the whole chicken
  • LED LIGHT: Bright light, can clearly see the soaked items, save time, save electricity and have a longer lifespan than before.
  • Fridge compartment: Can hold more items With wide, high, and deep shelves with tempered glass shelves Weight bearing up to 100 kg. (*Except TA model)
  • Compressor Cover: Safe and strong, the compressor cover protects and reduces damage to the compressor.

Mitsubishi Electric Flat Design Double Doors Refrigerator (7.3 Cubic, Silver) MR-FV22T