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Water Heater (3500W) ENRICH 3500 W

Water Heater (3500W) ENRICH 3500 W

Product specification
  • Electrical power (watts): 3500
  • Safety system type: ELCB ELECTRONIC
  • Cut off power within (seconds): 0.1
  • Heater type: COPPER 100%
  • Boiler type (if any): none
  • HEATER made from material: COPPER 100%
  • Size(cm):9.65 x 18.00 x 29.30
  • Temperature control system:Linear Temperature Control
  • TIS: 1693-2004
  • Maximum water temperature (degrees): 45
  • Maximum connections (points): 1
  • Installation: Vertical
  • Power adjustment: not possible
  • Shower: 5 levels
  • Slide Bar: No
  • HEATER warranty (year): 5



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About the Product

Product Details

Water heater, power 3500 watts, model ENRICH 3500 W

Water heater with a simple, elegant design Suitable for installation and use in all types of bathrooms. With a control system for working according to the water flow system. Makes it safe to use.

Confident safety:
LED LAMP light system shows the operation of the machine.
Safety system OVERHEAT SAFETY CUTOFF cuts off work immediately. When the water temperature exceeds 57 C and the danger of burns is 85 C for safety.

Water heater MAZUMA ENRICH 3500 W